D-Blog Week – Thursday

dblogweek2014Click for the Mantras and More – Thursday 5/15 Link List.
Yesterday we opened up about how diabetes can bring us down. Today let’s share what gets us through a hard day.  Or more specifically, a hard diabetes day.  Is there something positive you tell yourself?  Are there mantras that you fall back on to get you through?  Is there something specific you do when your mood needs a boost?  Maybe we’ve done that and we can help others do it too? (Thanks to Meri of Our Diabetic Life for suggesting this topic.)

The positives?:
I had 55 years of not having diabetes…
D-Blog friends help keep me sane…
D-FB friends help keep me sane…
Spring weather helps keep me sane…
Reading short posts during D-Blog Week helps keep me sane…

Like the rest of you, I know I can do this; it’s just that sometimes, I get tired of doing this.

I’m reminded of the parents who sometimes step up to give their d-kids & teens a d-break. The parent does the testing/the counting/the mathwork/the dosing for a day or so, just so their son or daughter can have a very small break from the minutiae of having to stay alive every single day. It’s a nice thing to do.

I know from reading about it that D-Camp is for some kids – the highlight of their year, where they are just part of the crowd and not – different.

Christel just might be providing us with our own Adult D-Camp!
Read about it at theperfectd.

The Diabetes UnConference


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D-Blog Week – Wednesday

This is ridiculous! It’s almost 6pm on Tuesday night. I want to read more of the poetry (what a great topic – and boy do we have a whole lot of talented d-bloggers!), but until just now, I wasn’t even sure what tomorrow’s topic is and needless to say, haven’t written a damn word.

And I have to eat dinner at some point. Thankfully, I don’t have to fix it as my resident poet (my very own Type 3) does the cooking around here.

Click for the What Brings Me Down – Wednesday 5/14 Link List.
May is Mental Health Month so now seems like a great time to explore the emotional side of living with, or caring for someone with, diabetes. What things can make dealing with diabetes an emotional issue for you and / or your loved one, and how do you cope? (Thanks go out to Scott of Strangely Diabetic for coordinating this topic.)

I’ve met Scott. He’s really, really nice. He has the most engaging smile. He almost makes me wish we still lived in KC – almost…

I will totally give some credit to my PCP for alerting me to keeping an eye on my own mood(s) after the d diagnosis. I had a bunch of cr*p going on when I was diagnosed and my life already pretty much was kinda sucky. And then, the d-thing arrived. Not fun.

I have bad days, just like everyone else. But I recognize that “having a bad day” is nothing compared to those who deal with depression. But I totally appreciate and respect that the depression word/subject/idea is brought up here in the DOC. You never know who is going to get/find help, just because they recognized themselves in someone’s post.

So how do I cope? Sometimes, I don’t. I go bananas. I cry hysterically. I blame anyone who’s within five feet of me (yep, guess who that would be?).

Other times, I’m a little more controlled and I read, I compute, I watch dumb TV (house hunters saves me because some of them are so stupid they make me feel brilliant) and now that it’s almost summer, I’ll go work in the yard. (Stupid weeds!)

And then there are the d-bloggers and d-fbers. Without them, I’d be so scared. And I love that we all share more than just d-stuff. Flowers – Pets! – Recipes (yes, even the vegan ones) – Children’s Photos – Grandchildren’s Photos – Vacation Photos – you get the idea.

I guess I have to say, living in this DOC neighborhood of ours
makes living with diabetes
somewhat easier to cope with each and every day.

And – a final thought. If you’re reading this and you got here through Karen’s D-Blog Week list, take a few minutes to click on a blog there that you’ve never read and then, gasp, leave a comment. Sometimes, after taking the time to start a d-blog and move into the DOC neighborhood, it’s hard to feel like you’re getting to know anyone. We can all give one person a smile just by saying hello and saying something nice. You can skip commenting here – I’m fine today.




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D-Blog Week – Tuesday

dblogweek2014Click for the Poetry Tuesday – Tuesday 5/13 Link List.
This year, Diabetes Blog Week and TuDiabetes are teaming up to bring out the poet in you! Write a poem, rhyme, ballad, haiku, or any other form of poetry about diabetes. After you’ve posted it on your blog, share it on the No Sugar Added® Poetry page on TuDiabetes, and read what others have shared there as well!

I don’t write poetry. I love reading poetry. I hated memorizing poetry.

So, I asked my husband to write a poem.

And, he did.

And, here it is. And yes, I know that I’m a very fortunate woman.

Tuesday‘s Poem

It’s truly a curse
But some have it worse
She is a type one Big D
I’m only a three
We pray for a cure
However obscure
One thing is for sure
Our love will endure
She is my wife
And my life.

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D Blog Week – Monday


Click for the Change the World – Monday 5/12 Link List.
Let’s kick off Diabetes Blog Week by talking about the diabetes causes and issues that really get us fired up. Are you passionate about 504 plans and school safety? Do diabetes misconceptions irk you? Do you fight for CGM coverage for Medicare patients, SDP funding, or test strip accuracy? Do you work hard at creating diabetes connections and bringing support? Whether or not you “formally” advocate for any cause, share the issues that are important to you. (Thanks go out to Kim of Texting my Pancreas for inspiring this topic.)

So – I’m not going to change the world but I will soon be one of those d-people writing letters to promote CGM coverage for Medicare because, guess what? It’s almost that time of life for me. (Really? When did that happen? Is that why they no longer “card” me at the liquor store?)

When I was diagnosed and when that diagnosis indicated Type 1 LADA, I knew I wanted a pump. At that time, insurance said that you had to be on MDI for at least two years before you could even hope to get a pump.

Well – with thanks to those d-people who wrote and advocated and blogged and begged, I got the pump without a two year wait.

Same with the CGM, Kerri and others had to fight to get a CGM. Now, because of her and all of the others who worked hard for all of us, I have a CGM. And it’s probably saved us a couple of ER trips, easily.

Driving? I have pulled off I93, tested, and did the “drink the juice” before continuing.

Sleeping? 49 on Dexcom means juice and maybe a peanut butter cracker at 2am.

Working? Gardening? Cooking? All of them!

So now – I’m approaching Medicare and know that CGMs are not provided. I’ve known it for awhile. It sucks.

When I spoke with my PCP about this Medicare D-issue, along with others – like enough test strips, she quietly said, “Well, it costs them less, if you die.”

Mike H wrote about it over at DiabetesMine.

And Sue wrote about it at Test, Guess & Go.

Advocate? Sure, count me in!

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Road Trip!

Next week we’ll be driving all the way to Nags Head, North Carolina.

Beach, sun, sand and I’ll bet there are things blooming! No jackets! No fleece!

We’re not going to push ourselves. We used to do that with two kids and while we survived it – we’re not doing 12+ hours in the car, in one day, now that it’s just the two of us.

Biggest issue – thing(s) I have to remember – extra baggage, is of course the d-supplies.

2014-04-22 002Last year I bought – on sale! (no surprise…) – a small back pack just for lugging the d-stuff around. It’s great because, I tend not to lose it (well, not yet) or forget it (again, not yet) due to its bright, somewhat annoying colors.

It was especially handy on a flight where I’d packed it in my carry-on bag – and – they were taking the carry-on bags when we got on the plane. I just removed my pink d-bag and let the bigger bag go to the luggage place or whatever/wherever in the plane.

I put everything in it – all d-supplies – all baggies w/ juice boxes – all d-everything.

It’s great when we’re “on the road,” also. Stays in the back seat (no kids, remember?), is the first thing taken into the hotel/motel – friend’s house. I’m not searching through make up, or toothpaste looking for a pump inset/cartridge. It’s proved to be a great purchase and worth every bit of the 5 or so dollars I spent on it.

Onward! To the NJ Turnpike – the road we all love to hate.


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Wordless Wednesday?

I Can Do This!

2014 04 April-2

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Once a Month?

I’m not a professional blogger – well, that’s fairly obvious…
I’m not going to blog every day and for that, I’m sure you’re grateful.

Back when I started blogging I’d do the November blog every day thing and usually regret it within 3 days. But still, once a month? I’ll try to do better!

I’m so far behind on reading blogs – it’s pathetic. There are over 700 blogs unread on my FEEDLY thing. I’m playing catch up tonight – and listening to Chris and her husband, Ryan, while reading and now typing.

I have a new Animas Ping Pump. I stuck with the familiar and so far, so good.

My diabetes has not been “well controlled” recently. But it’s been interesting. Who the he** knows what’s going on? It’s annoying. I scream a lot – and to be honest, sometimes I cry. If I’m not low, I’m high – seems like I’m having a tougher time finding that happy d-medium. It feels better when I read that others are just as frustrated as I am.

Animas – it took almost a month to get the new pump stuff done – sent – etc… It shouldn’t be that difficult. We don’t have a local Animas rep anymore and that makes it even more difficult. It didn’t seem like they (Animas) were all that anxious to have me as a paying (Insurance) customer. And my endo’s office was not happy with the repeated requests for the same info more than once.

Spring has sprung – but not here. Although, some of my daffodils that I planted last fall are at least an inch or so out of the ground. They got snowed on last night. Sigh…

Karen (the cute lady with the new hair-do) - over at Bitter-Sweet – reminded us that it’s almost D-Blog Week. Already?

We are going to head to Nags Head, NC at the end of the month. I need to see flowers and green, and feel warm. The sand and the ocean will help. Anything that’s blooming will make me feel so, so much better.

Friends have loaned us The Sopranos – I have to shut my eyes for the bloody parts and the Bada Bing girls and their b**bs annoy me but – it’s fun to watch. And then I’ll watch the Duggars. Another sigh… Two very opposite extremes.

The QUIT SMOKING thing has lasted six months. Yay for me! It wasn’t/hasn’t been terrible but, it’s still annoying. And yes, I have gained weight – which is really annoying.





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Are we there yet?

I am sooooo ready for spring! Are we there yet?

Nope -

I’ve been having massive high bgs for the last couple of days – and a couple of low bgs just to make life interesting. And, they make me feel like I know nothing but, I’m not going to worry about it.

I’ve said this before, and I’m going to say it now, and I’ll probably say it again, and maybe even again.

Thanks to those people who write about their own diabetes and/or their kids’ diabetes…

I don’t have guilt for the highs – or – the lows. Sometimes I can pinpoint a high, sometimes I can’t.

The highs might be the result of a steroid thing that I’m using for post nasal drip (ick, not something I ever thought I would have, let alone write about). After 4 days of squirting that stuff into my head, it seems to have solved the problem and I should be able to stop using it soon. The lows – who knows? It just might be the over-correcting I’m doing from the highs and so, I go low.

It’s such a mystery and I’ve decided to just go with the flow. Drink the juice or take the insulin – whatever is required.

KerriSparlingI’m reading Kerri’s book, enjoying it, smiling and feeling like she’s sitting across the table from me just chatting away. I bought an extra copy for a local mom with a “d” daughter. She doesn’t spend a lot of time online – two kids, job, husband, life – keeps her busy. I hope she’ll make time to read Kerri’s thoughts (and those of everyone else who contributed to her book!).

And – tonight’s site change. And this one was just like the Maxwell House Coffee Ad – “Good to the Last Drop.”

2014-03-03 001 (800x449)

2014-03-03 004 (800x449)

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Time for a new pump

Some back story first.

My Ping is being a pain at times – nah, not the insert part. It’s the communication part. It’s not its fault. (wow – weird using it’s and its in one sentence). Ok, back to the story.

My Ping’s four years was up the first week of December. I had called well before that trying to get it set up to go ahead and order a new one before my warranty was done. BUT…

My insurance, which I won’t name but it rhymes with “bigna,” apparently doesn’t worry that a pump might be old and so, if using that insurance, you can’t get a new pump until your pump dies. (Reminds me of traffic stuff where everyone knows a signal light is needed but there haven’t been enough accidents to warrant installing a traffic light). Ok, back to the story, again.

This has happened…
Huge meal – I’ve been looking forward to bolusing an unreal amount of insulin to cover a disgusting amount of carbs. Do the combo thing – set it up – push the buttons and… The meter says, “Bolus canceled. Check pump.”

Small meal. Very little insulin. Sitting with friends at work. Beeping and cancelling and, damn this is annoying.

And this has happened…
“Unable to find pump.” “Move pump closer.” Excuse me? The pump is hanging on my jeans and the meter is in my hand. How much closer do you want?

I know these things happen but this was more than once a week. In fact one day I had several of “I can’t find the pump, stupid.”

So I called Animas last Friday. Went through the trouble-shooting stuff. Even had to remove that piece of peelable plastic on the screen. (I have no clue why that would matter…)

Anyway – “Oh, we’ll need to start the process to replace your pump.” “We are going to send you a replacement pump as yours doesn’t seem to be working properly.” “Someone will call you tomorrow to start the paperwork for the replacement pump.”


No one called.

So I called – and got the paperwork started.

And today, a box from Animas was in my mailbox. It’s empty. Did they forget to put the loaner pump in the box?

So I called.

I have truly appreciated my Animas Pump for the last 4+ years. I’ve appreciated the tech support. I like my pump.

But, I’m frustrated. The paper work? Signed, scanned, emailed – no one had seen it.

The salesperson is a new father of his first child. I get that but. Someone should have contacted me.

The empty box? That’s so I can send them my current pump. So I asked, “What? You want me to die?”

The other salesperson says, “We’ll get that loaner to you tomorrow.” I don’t think so. We have more snow and ice arriving tonight and even though this is not Atlanta, it can be tough. (As an aside – we got 11.5 inches of snow on Tuesday afternoon and night. No schools were closed or delayed.)

I’m somewhat frustrated and threatened to go to a t-slim. The salesperson was calm but…

“Your pump’s not working correctly.” But I still don’t have a loaner??? After a week???

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pride goeth before fall (uh – failure)

You might have seen my gleeful post on FB this morning about inserting the Dexcom on my arm all by myself. I was soooo excited. Really!

Two hours later – it did the hourglass thing.

A few minutes later it buzzed and I got all set to test and enter my two numbers.

But – it said, “Sensor Failed.”

Well, damn.

I went home and got another one and got it inserted (with help). Actually, I got two so I’ll have a spare. Just have to keep an eye on the expiration date.

Then, I drove all the way over to the hospital for an appointment that I’d rescheduled on a snow day earlier this month because, yes, there are times that we are not able to get out of our driveway and/or road. Well (just call me Alexander…), whoever did the reschedule, never rescheduled it. I had no appointment.

Wait – it gets worse. The “check engine” light came on as I was driving back to work. It’s not blinking so I didn’t have to stop but gee whiz. The mechanic had done a “hope this fixes it, quick fix.” Nope, gonna have to pay for the fix it for real fix.

Oh – and “Alexander?” – One of my kids’ favorite books and mine…


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