Dad Update 2/20/06

So, dad’s been 84 for a month now and all is good.

He’s looking good – feeling good. It’s nice!

He still has some issues – plenty of meds to keep track of – some balance problems (but that’s mostly because the guy does not move slowly…) – he uses a walker – and he uses a nebulizer a couple of times each day to help w/ his breathing. He’s also eating more regular foods as opposed to the pureed stuff he’s been eating since April. He goes to the exercise room and is working on crossword puzzles (even using his dictionary). So all in all, we feel things are going along nicely.

He was elected “king” of the Assisted Living area for Valentine’s Day – along with 2 other kings and 3 queens (one set from each floor). He was both tickled and appalled. He felt better though when he found that it’s the staff who votes and so therefore he’s just as loved as always!

We’re renting his house out for the summer. It was available as of Feb. 14 and they rented it for 10 weeks in 3 days. I’m awed – and we have a whole lot of work to do before it’s ready!

No new photos – the big snow last week did not get to us – I can even see the ground, a first in February for us.

So, that’s the Dad news for now. And again, thanks for caring and thanks for the cards/notes you’ve sent!