So, each day I check several – too, too many – blogs. All of them are well written and make me think. It’s really quite cool. There are all these people that I feel I know so well and they’ve let me share their trials and tribulations – and best of all, their successes. (Good grief, “successes” looked funny so I Googled it to check the spelling – the first link to come up was something about transsexual women).
Who am I? I’m a woman (57 in two days) – a wife – a mom – a church secretary – a former Special Education teacher (a long, long time ago).
I was diagnosed with Diabetes about two years ago. At the same time, my dad went into the hospital with a serious illness – and in between him and my diabetes classes – life was not fun. I’m still figuring out the Diabetes. My dad has been in a nursing home for a long, long two years.
I’ve learned a LOT about Diabetes. I’ve learned a LOT about age issues and illness and nursing homes. Most of it has not been fun to learn. I am SO impressed with the Diabetes OC and those who are quick to offer advice and sympathy to the newly diagnosed. It’s truly nifty.
This will be about Diabetes – and my dad –
But for now – it’s dinner time – so I’ll end.

PS – We had MORE snow last week and it’s supposed to snow again on Wednesday!