Water, water…

While sitting with coffee this morning, before 7 am, I heard water. We thought it was the water system doing its thing but M went to check anyway. Well, no and yes, the water system was doing its thing but the water wasn’t going in the drain, it was bouncing all over our utility room. Games are soaked, boxes are soaked, you get the idea. Shut off the water to the house and called the plumber. He did a bypass of the system so I could shower and then set to work fixing the whole mess. I can’t wait to see the bill but we’re so grateful that he came right over that it probably won’t matter an awful lot. One saving grace – and I can’t believe I’m admitting this but, the boxes of Christmas ornaments are still sitting on the guest beds and so, were not stored in the utility room. This has to be one time where my laziness paid off!
My office celebrated my birthday today with Jell-O Sugar Free Pudding and Skinny Cow Ice Cream Sandwiches. I thought it was very nice of them!

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  1. Kerri. says:

    Hi there – I saw that someone had come over to my blog via yours. Nice to “meet” you! I write a diabetes blog called “Six Until Me.” I noticed you have it linked from you sidebar – thanks for that. Welcome to the blogosphere! I’d like to add you to my links, if that’s okay with you.I think your office celebrated your birthday perfectly. I have loved sugar-free Jell-O since I was a little kid. 🙂Good luck with your blog and I’ll be back to check out your bew posts.— Kerri.

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