Happy Birthday to me!

I’ve pretended NOT to have Diabetes today – probably not a great idea – but lunch w/ friends was great and having dessert was really nice. I just did the meter and I’m not going to say what my reading was – guess I’ll spend part of my birthday on the treadmill. (I’m a 1.5 so far… so deal w/ Diabetes through diet (well, not today), exercise and avandamet.)
Went by dad’s so he could wish me a Happy Birthday. M had taken a card over for him to give me. We had a nice visit, watched some of the Sox game and he told me about the day I was born, so all is good.
Weather forecast is rotten for tomorrow – snow, etc… – I’m glad that it wasn’t today’s weather.

1 thought on “Happy Birthday to me!

  1. Sometimes, you’ve just got to pretend. I’ve read your entries thus far – boy, those food police can be a pain sometimes, can’t they? Anyway – I look forward to reading more!šŸ™‚

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