April Snow

Spring in New Hampshire? The snow is still falling this evening with a forecast of 6 – 10 inches of the stuff by tomorrow morning. At least, for now, the power is still on; as the snow is the heavy, wet kind. Slippery too, driving home was somewhat of an experience. A friend’s daffodils are already up and blooming and she brought me a bunch yesterday. She figured she had to cut them before they were buried by the snow. They’re on the kitchen window and give me hope that spring will get here eventually.

A nursing home hint: The friend who brought the daffodils frequently takes flowers to nursing home residents. Rather than worrying about glass vases and the resident having to store or return the vase, she decorates a can with florist’s foil and ribbon. The “vase” can then be thrown away with no guilt and there is no fear of breakage in the resident’s room.

1 thought on “April Snow

  1. Welcome to the Online Community!Sorry to hear about the snow– we got about five inches of the stuff just yesterday. My daffodils are buried… <>sigh<>.Anyhow, I’m really glad you decided to start a blog of your own. It’s a wonderful way to connect with others who truly understand what you’re going through.Thanks so much for sending your link (yes, I do remember the note you sent last year)– and thanks too for the kind words. I’ll add a link to your blog on my site this evening.Take care,Sandrap.s. Here’s hoping all this April snow melts soon! 🙂

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