Lab Work

Lab work needs to be done before my doctor’s appointment on Tuesday. Due to our weather forecast – a Nor’easter by tomorrow – I decided to get the labs (5 of them!) done this morning. We were at a play last night so that helped, along w/ the hour or so drive, w/ the 12 hour fasting. The local hospital (a half hour away) has lab hours on Saturday mornings beginning at 7 AM. So, got up and took a Fosomax w/ my 8 ozs. of water, threw on jeans and a baseball cap and got there shortly after 7. Do you have any idea how many people do their lab work on Saturday mornings??? Jeez! The amusing or perplexing thing is the number of older, (looked retired) people who were there. My wait was about 45 minutes which actually is not all that bad. Drove home – finally had my coffee and the rest of the morning meds; and now I’ll wait until Tuesday to see how I did. If it’s good, I’ll be sure to let you know, if it’s bad I may just delete the blog.

The Thursday snow is melting.
I can even see the tips of some of the daffodils in the snow.
More snow expected tomorrow.