Food Police

I know people/friends mean well but – I truly am… not upset, but perplexed when someone decides to tell me I shouldn’t be eating something. Case in point, this morning after church, there was a reception for the children receiving their First Communion (and gee, they’re all so cute). Hadn’t had breakfast so had half a plain donut and a couple of pieces of fruit. As I ate it, someone came up and said, “You’re not supposed to have a donut!” So yes, I did a short course of Diabetes diet education for her. You would think with ALL the articles, etc… about D that people would know just a little bit more and even if they don’t, why do they think they can ask me about what I’m eating? The very amusing part of this chat this morning is that her brother is a T1 and her dad is a T2.
There is a good article on “Food Police” at dLife:

Food Police Article

Oh well…
The nor’easter has begun up here in our part of New Hampshire. The snow is falling and sticking. I’m just hoping the power will stay on!

I did get over to have a nice visit with my dad at the nursing home. I continue to feel so very fortunate that he’s happy and content. Living in a nursing home was not high on his list of where he wanted to be. The fact that he lets me know (frequently) that he likes his life still, is a huge help to me. And for that I am grateful.