It’s windy; really, really windy. Branches litter most of the roads and there is water, water everywhere. After a Sunday of blowing snow and wind, we woke up to blowing rain and wind. At least the power stayed on (well, so far) in our area. Other towns close by weren’t so lucky.

I will always be awed by those who are parenting children with diabetes and those of you who have grown up with diabetes. You really are amazing. Nicole’s parents (Curious Girl) and Sandra, Joseph’s mom, (A Shot In The Dark) are two wonderful examples of how supportive parents can make such a difference in the lives of their children. Yours and other blogs (Kerri at Six Until Me.) bring me back down to Earth, make me stop whining, and make me know I can stay healthy. So – thanks to all of you for your continuing support to all of us who are still new at this disease.

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  1. Thank you, cesnh, for blogging! I always find that the experiences of those new to the D help me to put things in perspective. Sometimes, when you’ve lived with it for so long, it can be difficult to remember that there were more difficult times – more difficult because everything was so new – and so daunting. I hope it gives you some comfort to know that a healthy life is no further away than your willingness to take charge! And, my parents are the genesis of much of my strength. I am grateful everyday for them.

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