Lab Work Part Two

The rain has mostly stopped. Schools here were closed today due to the condition of the roads.

Went to the doctor today, got my lab reports and will not have to delete the blog. BUT, will have to spend some more time at the gym instead of at the computer. Just think, what if we could use our computers while on a treadmill or exercise bike? Nah, too much multi-tasking.

I was a relatively healthy lady before diabetes. Following the diagnosis, my cholesterol levels went wacko, and my blood pressure went up. I have a very patient, knowledgeable physician. She’s an ARNP and I feel fortunate to have her involved with my health. I did see an endocrinologist at the diagnosis and took the classes offered by our Endocrinology Center. The classes were great and I’m constantly encouraging other new diabetics to take the time to go to class.

I also have a very patient, knowledgeable husband. He went to all of the classes with me. He does our grocery shopping and is great at checking labels and making sure there are d-friendly snacks in the house. Don’t know what I’d do without him.

So, with the help of drugs, exercise and eating differently – the BP is down, the cholesterol levels are good and I’m not showing any side effects of the statin I’m taking.

Nicole, thanks for your encouragement. It helps a lot! I was reading your “diagnosis” post and it made me smile. My mother grew up in Attleboro and the store you mentioned, Ann & Hope, was one where she shopped. She died almost 20 years ago so it’s fun to smile and remember her.