A Crack in the Ice

The ice is cracking and that means we will soon be anticipating “Ice Out,” an exciting event here in our town.

This week I attended a care meeting for my dad at the nursing home. It was a good meeting as we discussed some options for my dad now that he’s not walking independently. At my request they will get him out and about more often. He’s very content to sit in his chair and listen to music or watch TV. So, if I suggest to him that he go out, it’s usually immediately refused. But, when one of the aides (who are cuter and younger than me) suggest he do something, he’s ready to go. They are also going to work with him on moving around in his wheelchair by himself.

I’m very fortunate as dad is happy and content, and tells me so at least weekly. He has thanked me for making sure he is comfortable. So, although I might feel somewhat guilty that he is residing in the nursing home, his attitude makes me feel better about the entire situation. His physical abilities and our home are not compatible. I also feel that he needs the social interactions at the nursing home and that if he was in our home, he would be so very lonely.

I try hard to make sure he is making his own decisions at times. A very long time ago, I had a great book called The Mother’s Almanac. In it the author said, you don’t ask a toddler, “What shirt do you want to wear?” – instead you ask, “Do you want to wear your red shirt or your blue shirt?” So, I follow that advice when visiting dad. Choices are limited but he’s still in charge to some extent. It seems to work and we have good visits.

So, I am lucky.

2 thoughts on “A Crack in the Ice

  1. your dad is very lucky to have a lucky and loving daughter like you…..you are probably “a chip off the old block” from your discription of him……….

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