As I was reading a travel article in the NY Times this morning, something struck me about it being different. As I thought about it, I realized it wasn’t the article that was different, it is me.

Following my diagnosis of diabetes, our eating habits changed drastically. We had always eaten rather healthfully, but without really thinking about it. Now, I had to think before I ate and it was difficult at first. I’m not on insulin, so it’s not as hard but I still have to keep an eye on what I’m doing and play the trading game as far as when/what I eat during each and every day.

I read many, many diabetes blogs and am still somewhat confused as to how they determine their doses while counting the carbs in a meal. As a Type 1.5, I will in all likelihood end up using insulin at some point in the future so I’ll need to learn how to count and measure. I have no doubt that when the time comes, I’ll go to classes and learn.

And that’s what was different as I read the travel article this morning. The author mentioned many of the meals he was enjoying and not once did he write about having to count the carbs in a meal. And I guess, after 2 years, I’d forgotten that people can just sit down and eat without having to wonder how the food will affect their bodies. Although, it probably would be good for all of us to think about it more often.