Old Friends

Another of my dad’s friends called today to inquire about my dad. After 85 years, 30 of those as an Army officer, he has many friends all over the country. They have been wonderful about keeping in touch with him and with me. Good friends have kept in touch with letters and cards and best of all, photos. He so enjoys receiving mail at the nursing home and letting me know that “so & so” just sent a note. When people are kind enough to write him at the nursing home, it is HIS mail, not a note that I’ve brought in for him to read. The letters open up a whole new conversation for us when I visit. He loves to remininse about his past and we have a wonderful visit as he talks about his old friends.

My reminder to those of you who are reading this (and there aren’t too many – yet) please take the time to write to an older person that you know. Please write about “something,” a shared experience, a fun gathering – anything that would be a memory that you shared with that person.

I saw this when my mom died. The sympathy cards most cherished by my dad and our family were the ones that included a note about my mom. A favorite was from a high school friend of mine who wrote about my mom teaching us how to twirl a baton in our front yard. It was wonderful to have a reason to smile and a reason to talk about fun times!

And – the friend who phoned today has promised to write to my dad.

PS – Ice-Out was officially declared yesterday afternoon, let the summer begin!