Sun! Daffodils! Forsythia!

Spring really seems to have arrived – daffodils are blooming and the forsythia is gorgeous. I have both, my daffodils aren’t in bloom yet but – there’s hope. My forsythias are small but they’re blooming. I’m always envious when I drive by some of the homes with the HUGE forsythia with its cascades of yellow flowers.

The diabetes numbers aren’t so bad, but gee I can really tell when I’ve exercised and when I haven’t exercised. So, you’d think I’d be smart and exercise some more but between work and trying to get over to the nursing home to see my dad, the visit to the nursing home usually takes precedence over going to the gym. I stopped on my way home today and we were able to go out and take a walk around the building together. Up until my dad had pneumonia in January, he usually went out twice a day and walked around the building. Now he’s in a wheelchair and so today, I pushed. He’s not a small guy so maybe that will count as some exercise. And we got a kick out of the fact that the dandelions were in full bloom.

I even have a treadmill and so far I don’t have any laundry hanging on it. Even used it once this week. Last Christmas when one our sons was here for a visit he checked the treadmill for dust and was impressed that I was actually using the darn thing.

The “iPod shuffle” I received as a Christmas gift (after a tremendous amount of hinting) is great for the gym. Though I live in fear that I’ll start singing along with the music – out loud. It wouldn’t be so bad but the songs are oldies but goodies, chosen especially for moving. Years ago when we bought our first CD player (the kids already each had one, we didn’t), we bought a whole set of Oldies but Goodies. The fun part about the iPod is putting on just the songs that I want – so, none of the old “slow dance” songs but many of the “fast dance” ones.

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  1. OuchYou reminded me about my treadmill, which I’ve not used for several weeks now.Time for me to get back on that thing, I’m just too easily distracted.Thanks for the reminder about Spring. I’m still waiting for the trees to put on their summer leaf jackets, but the flowers are wonderful to see. And I’m always amazed by the Forsythia blooming all over the place at the same time – it’s as if the bushes are talking with one another!

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