Lions and tigers and bears…

Well, not really but – we have had our share of wildlife in the yard this month. We saw our first porcupine waddling through one evening. I scooted up to the deck to watch it – as M got the food off the grill and followed me up the steps. (Neither of us have a clue if a porcupine can go up steps…) This morning the turkeys came through and have been gobbling in the rain. We frequently have deer coming through and nibbling on some of the shrubs. I thought they were cute (I loved Bambi) until they nibbled and ate my hostas one year.

When we moved here we became champion bird feeders. It was fun, we bought bird books, we had binoculars next to the window. Then one morning I noticed that our feeders were gone or broken. Hmmm, apparently a bear had come up on our deck and helped him/her self to breakfast. THAT was the end of feeding the birds.

This week we had a chipmunk in the house. M thought he’d gotten him out but as I watered some plants in the living room, the chip was heading down the stairs toward the front door. So, M opened the door and the chipmunk left.

I know, none of this has anything to do with diabetes or nursing homes. But that’s me for today.