Thank You d-Bloggers!

You know, I read a WHOLE lot of blogs – and have learned a WHOLE lot of stuff from so many of you. When I have to start using Insulin, I’ll know what to ask and where to go for more information about insulin. The “d-bloggers” share a lot and it’s very helpful to those of us who are still the newbies at this diabetes stuff. Nobody makes it sound simple, but the honesty is refreshing and eye-opening. About the time I was diagnosed, the Wall Street Journal had an article on Amy Tenderich and “Diabetes Mine.” From Amy’s I was off to Six Until Me and many, many other blogs. Sara, a single mom, who is dealing w/ diabetes and autism is simply amazing – George’s comments after attending a wedding brought tears to my eyes. Meanwhile, my lifeline – Diabetes Daily Headlines – is offline tonight – not available – and it’s the pits. The epitome is Allison – young and getting ready to move across the country for her first job after graduation. Through the headlines, I’ve met all these cute, optimistic young and older people w/ diabetes. They are quite amazing. They are smart. There are more – but without the info from Diabetes Headlines, I’m having a hard time finding them all.
Thank you to all of you for sharing your lives with all of us. It’s appreciated, really!

3 thoughts on “Thank You d-Bloggers!

  1. cesnhThey are an amazing bunch (and I’m counting myself in there too). And thank you for pointing it out.Since taking up actively blogging I’ve learned a <>lot<> about a disease I’d have for over 30 years. There’s a wealth of knowledge and help out there, what a wonderful resource.

  2. Aww. Thanks for the shout out! Very cool. I agree that all the d-bloggers are amazing! I’m looking forward to reading more about you and keeping up to speed through Diabetes Headlines… whenever it decides to work again that is!

  3. I didn’t know about your blog! Neither did I know you were reading mine. It is so nice you commented. Yes, isn’t the OC community fabulous! I have had D for 45 years and I only knew about blogs a little more than a year ago. It is so VERY nice having people who really understand. The turkies in your yard, that is pretty funny.

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