Drugs & Lady’s Slippers

Well, I am off Avandamet, will be taking just Metformin until my appointment at the end of July. Guess I’ll be testing more for awhile to see any differences. I had emailed my physician last week, she responded that she wanted to so some investigating and I could stop right away or wait until she had more information. I waited and today she wrote to change the prescription. A new adventure! Actually it’s another expensive adventure as I’d just ordered our 3 month supply of drugs and the Avandamet is not one of the cheap ones, so $55 out the window. And it’s not like I can offer to give it to someone else, “Hi, would you like a heart attack drug?” Oh well, it’s only money…

Meanwhile – this morning while sitting at the computer I glanced out the window and saw something pink out there – and it’s a Lady’s Slipper. We’ve had them in the yard before but I never found any last year. They’re fascinating and after looking for more information, turns out they only grow in calcium-containing soils, in forested areas. Here’s a photo I took this afternoon.

2 thoughts on “Drugs & Lady’s Slippers

  1. That is the Minnesota State Flower! It is from the orchid family.In tradtional herbal medicine, the root is said to be a very strong medicine for calming the nerves.

  2. Yup, I knew that – (my sister lives in St.Paul). It is also the official state wildflower of New Hampshire, adopted in 1991.

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