Rainy Day

It has been raining allllll day – and yesterday – and Weather Underground shows that it’s going to keep raining. This is good as we didn’t get as much snow this past winter and so the moisture is probably needed. BUT, I’d like it better if it only rained at night! (That’s only in Camelot, right?)

Nothing new on the diabetes front. My numbers aren’t any worse without the Avandia. They’re not any better either.

Dad is doing ok at the nursing home. He and I worked together on listing the many places we’ve lived during his Army career. We’ve done this in the past and I have it all recorded but he thought it would be a good idea if I had this information for when he is gone. So, I didn’t tell him we’d done it – and we talked and wrote during my visit. Only got as far as 1963, just before we left England. Actually, he surprised me as I know where we lived but don’t have a clue what he was doing some of the times. As we talked on Saturday, I said that to him, so we started over and he was able to give me each assignment, and I really think he has them correct. He obviously enjoyed telling me about his assignments and so, it was a great visit.

Next week is Motorcycle Week up here in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire. It’s an experience. It’s loud for the entire week. There are literally thousands of bikers who show up. It’s good for the local businesses and it’s fun for the visitors. I’m all in favor of supporting local business. Since we moved here almost 9 years ago, we’ve made an effort to shop in local stores as much as possible. Yes, sometimes it might cost a little more, but then – we haven’t spent the money on gas (or the time) to get someplace else. And, if we (and other residents) don’t shop locally, then pretty soon, there won’t be any local shops…

Meanwhile, our oldest son turned 30 this past weekend. I remember turning 30 a long time ago. I still don’t feel “old” except maybe when I’ve been out pulling weeds in the garden. And with all this rain, guess I’ll be pulling more and more weeds!

Our Saturday visitors – turkeys in the yard on Saturday afternoon.

2 thoughts on “Rainy Day

  1. We were up in Raymond Maine for Memorial Day weekend. My son and I got to watch a turkey take off a fly away into the trees. He/she started from about 12 feet away.I was surprised by how elegant it was. Turkeys are so big, it’s surprising to think they can fly!I’m glad your Dad is doing alright, and what a treat to be reviewing past history with him. My parents are too far away (Ireland) to do the same with them.

  2. My dad’s parents immigrated from Ireland. I haven’t been there but it’s on my long list of places to visit. My dad was able to visit when we lived in England, found relatives, and took pictures of gravesites for my grandmother. She was thrilled.And yes, I’m very lucky to have this time with my dad. It’s truly nifty.

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