Vivian on Danieldoo posted a video from the site below. The videos are informative and very easy to understand (I think).

Diabetes Videos

Meanwhile, it’s raining here in NH – and the bikers coming here for Motorcycle Week are slightly damp. According to our local news, over 350,000 people are expected to be here this week. We had to go through Laconia today and it really is fascinating. Most of the bikers I saw are my age (oldish…) and older. Even though we don’t live close to a major road, the drone of the bikes will be very evident through the entire week. I hope the weather improves and our visitors have a great week visiting New Hampshire!

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  1. Thanks for posting the link to the videos. I hope they help someone, the creators really did a nice job with them I thought. Hope you are having a great weekend. (even with the rain.) =)

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