Vroom, vroom!

You just can’t imagine the sound level here. Tonight’s big event for Motorcycle Week was the POW/MIA Freedom Ride. For the past 14 years bikers attending this rally have joined forces on Thursday afternoon and made history in the northeast. Last year 1,800 motorcycles and 3000 people participated in the Northeast Network® POW/MIA Freedom Ride. It’s an incredible sight to see the hundreds of bikers coming into the town, flags waving. Especially nice today as it’s Flag Day. The POW/MIA vigil gained nationwide attention 18 years ago when a small group of veterans began holding weekly Thursday night vigils to bring to light the Nation’s lack of effort to account for all service men and women missing from Vietnam.

I am trying (well, thinking about it more) to get back to regular – DAILY – exercise. I can make all sorts of excuses to myself (I’m very good at excuses), but I really need to do this. This afternoon, I left work early so I could go over to the nursing home for a short visit with dad. I then planned to go home, change and GO TO THE GYM. Well, I forgot about the Freedom Ride and just getting home was difficult so there was no way I was driving back through it two more times. I did come in though and get on the treadmill so, it’s a start.

Oh yeah, if you read the previous post about the turkeys in the yard… The next morning there were four of them on our road and we could see them from the deck, two toms and two hens. Well, the toms’ tail feathers were in evidence and they were strutting around. The next thing we saw – well, you can guess – and I don’t think I’ve ever thought about turkeys “doing it.” All I could think of was the Beatles song, “Why don’t we do it in the road” (one of the lines ((there aren’t many)) is: No one will be watching us.) Another “country living” experience!

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  1. Exercise is so much easier to visualize than to do! I’m impressed you got on your treadmill. Thanks for commenting on my blog. It’s great to find new readers and new sites to visit.

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