Seattle, Washington – Trip Help??!!

Hi all,

We are off to Washington (the state) next month for a short trip. If you live there or have visited – and have any advice, I’d really appreciate it! I’ve been looking all over the internet and due to our limited time there, I’m having a tough time making decisions.

We fly in on a Wednesday night and leave the next Wednesday afternoon. My plan right now is to visit Seattle on Thursday/Friday – then we have a wedding to attend on Saturday in Burlington. Sunday-Tuesday, we’d love to go to the islands or up in the hills.

Neither of us have ever visited Washington and we are looking forward to a great trip.

Thanks for any advice!

5 thoughts on “Seattle, Washington – Trip Help??!!

  1. I have no idea what’s in Washington state, but I can’t wait to hear about your adventures! 🙂Have a fun trip!

  2. I know it might surprise people to know that I’ve only been to Seattle twice (it’s still 3 hours away from Portland, and it’s 5 hours away from Eugene, which is pretty unreachable when you’re in school 5 days a week). That said, I was there in December and there’s a wonderful little flea market my friends and I visited. It’s near the Fremont Bridge, right next to a Peet’s Coffee (the only one in Seattle, actually). I got some really great stuff there. I also love the Space Needle (restaurant is amazing, though expensive). We went to the Pacific Science Center which is right next to the Space Needle and their Tropical Butterfly House is really cool too. And of course, you can’t forget Pike Street Market, one of the greatest farmer’s markets ever!

  3. Thanks Allison!I’m looking forward to Pike Street Market. I don’t even like fish but watching others toss them around sounds like a weird sort of fun. I love flea markets, so thank you.

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