Numbers & Teeth

I kind of took a mini-vacation from diabetes last week. I can still do that as I’m not on insulin. At least I think I can do that. I didn’t use the meter for several days. I didn’t go to the gym. But, for the most part I ate the right stuff and I think with all the work we were doing at the house (my dad’s – cleaning up for summer rentals) that exercise was being accomplished, albeit, in a up and down stairs way. (I also did tons of vacuuming and killed my back for two days, not fun)

But – my doctor appointment is the end of this month, lab work the week before that, and so I’m back to trying to get my act together so I’ll seem like a good patient when I see my doctor. It’s a lot of work. And yeah, I know it’s nothing compared to what most diabetics have to deal with each and every day.

Meanwhile, to add to my fun, a filling/tooth broke. This week I get to have a crown put on. I truly despise going to the dentist. As a child I was just awful when I went to the dentist, really, really bad.

I had hoped somebody / anybody in the state of Washington would have some ideas for me but – none so far. (Update – Allison, formerly of Oregon gave me a couple of ideas.) I’ll continue to check out websites and my trusty AAA travel books. Thanks for the good wishes though for a fun trip.

Catching up on some of the blogs I missed while over at the house has been time consuming and enjoyable. We had internet – just not the time to sit and read much. But we did make time to enjoy the sunsets at the lake.

Today’s post by Carey at Up High Down Low still has me laughing!