A Care Meeting

Today I attended a “Care Meeting” with my dad. The nursing home schedules these periodically with the idea that the resident and family meet with various staff members to discuss any concerns, problems, issues, whatever. Past care meetings have been stressful as I really had no clue what was going on with my dad as far as what he could or could not accomplish. Dad’s only attended a couple of them as he usually was really not interested in how things were done and – most importantly – often became angry with me during the meeting for asking too many questions. I normally came home a wreck!

Today was nice. I spent some time with him yesterday and discussed today’s meeting and said I thought he should come. His first response was no, he said he has no complaints and so why should he waste his time. We talked some more and I let him know that it might be nice if he attended and let them know that he’s happy.

So, this afternoon, we met with one of the social staff members and one of the head nurses. And dad told them that he’s happy, the staff is nice to him, he’d like to get to the exercise room more often and that he likes living there. Well, the grins on their faces said it all. They both told him that he made their day and that they enjoyed spending time with him. He told them a family joke (it’s a pretty good one), forgot part of it part way through but I’ve heard it often enough that I was able to clue him (he even asked for a clue!). They looked at him and spoke to him through the entire meeting and all is great.

We went outside to sit on the patio and enjoy the breeze, and he admitted that he was glad he had gone to the meeting. He doesn’t remember previous ones that he attended but he thanked me for encouraging him to go. He stated that it’s important that nursing home residents, like him, feel that they have some say in what is happening to them.

I came home grinning and it’s a nice evening!

PS – the “procedure” this week was good (see 7/13 post) – no problems.

PPS – stress, what stress – the rest of the week should be calmer, I hope…