Throwing out the money

Today I loaded up my weekly pill box and redid my meter strips. I’ve been taking thyroid medication since I was 18. Opening the bottle and getting “a” pill each day was not a problem until I was diagnosed w/ diabetes. Now, I have metformin and BP meds and – the daily aspirin, in addition to two pills each evening. I now have two pill boxes, one for morning and the other for the evening. We’ve been doing the mail order thing for years, which saves us $5 for each 3 month prescription. I’ve decided I need to start using the local drugstore as I’m having a terrible time keeping up with the mail order stuff. My meds change and getting the paper copy to the mail order place is becoming a real trick. To add to my decision, along with many others, I stopped taking Avandamet earlier this year. I have two bottles, about 120+ pills, that I will now throw out. That’s a lot of money! Our local recycling center is now asking that we not throw pills down the toilet or in the trash. There will be a special day to turn in medications – they will then burn them. One more thing to put on my schedule.

We are off to Seattle this week and thanks to comments on Six Until Me, I have some clue of what to order when I make my first trip into a Starbucks.