Still no coffee

Our trip to Seattle and other areas of Washington was wonderful.

Yup, we went to THE market and nope, didn’t buy any coffee at the original Starbucks. The line was out the door and it just wasn’t worth it. So, I still have never had a Starbucks. Maybe someday. It’s probably a good thing we don’t live there, I’d spend a fortune on the flowers at the market, they were beautiful and fragrant.

Washington is beautiful and we would like to go back.

Sitting and flying – and sitting and driving – didn’t do much for my readings, what a pain. Exercise rooms at most of the hotels/motels were available. Did I use them – nope.

Coming home at midnight and then off to the dentist this afternoon to get a final crown done didn’t help much either.

I’m obviously reaching for excuses here…

Oh, and tomorrow is our 33rd wedding anniversary – wow!

Mt. Rainier from our plane – on the way home.

1 thought on “Still no coffee

  1. Sorry that I’m a little late.I do hope that you had a good anniversary. Did you reminisce about how you first met? Or the early years of being married.I hope that God continues to keep you both strong and very much in love with each other. Marriage is important and fun, but it’s also a lot of hard work. Congratulations!

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