I am very fortunate

I received the nicest note from my dad’s doctor today. Made me feel pretty good.

“We had a great visit. He loaned me a copy of the New Yorker magazine which I was reading while I waited out his neb treatment.
How fun for you to have such an interesting guy as your Dad.
I was kayaking past his house on ____ Cove Friday evening, and thinking how remarkable he is that he is able to love life even in a nursing home, with no bitterness for what he no longer can enjoy.
Nice lesson for all of us.”

It’s been just about 2 1/2 years since he got an infection and went to the hospital and then the nursing home. He’s quite a guy and a wonderful dad. (I was diagnosed w/ diabetes the same week he went into the hospital. Stress, what stress?!)

I am very fortunate that his attitude makes our visits fun and gives me the opportunity to enjoy my time with him.

I am very fortunate that he has such a caring doctor.

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  1. Well God bless that man for taking the time to appreciate your Dad <>and<> to write you about it.I like my current pulmonary doctor, but your Dad’s sounds like he’s in a different universe of great.

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