Five in one month!

Let me start by saying, “I really hate going to the dentist!” Ok – now, I have to admit it’s not as bad these days as it used to be. As a youngster – a long time ago – I actually had to take some sort of syrup stuff to calm me down before I even got in the car to go to the dentist. I was never the one who came home saying, “Look ma, no cavities!” (Some of you can now guess my approximate age…) Most of the teeth in my mouth have some sort of filling and five (as of this month) have crowns. My mouth is the sign of lots of money spent through the years.

Earlier this month, while eating lunch, a filling broke. My small town dentist saw me that afternoon and yup, it was unfillable and so I had to make another appointment for the crown. Saw him the next week and got a temporary crown. Then had another appointment for my regular cleaning. Went to Seattle with a small tube of Fixodent in case the temporary decided to fall off – it didn’t. Got home late on a Wednesday and was in the chair the next afternoon to have the permanent crown put on.

Yesterday, after eating lunch – a chicken salad sandwich on my Pepperidge Farm oatmeal bread (very low carb) – something felt like it was stuck in my teeth. I flossed and guess what, another filling broke.

Back in the chair this afternoon – the dentist convinced me I could do this without drugs – and a miracle! I did!! So, the tooth is now refilled – I am not in pain (another miracle).

This is a new record for me – five visits to a dentist in one stupid month.

You need to know that in the past, as an adult, I literally sweated just calling the dentist’s office to make an appointment. So, guess I’ve come a long way.

And one more note, way back in 3rd grade, I was in tears at school as my mother was coming to pick me up for – yup, a dentist appointment. Well – it was a Catholic School and my teacher, Sr. Osmana, told me of a student she’d had who discovered that if she prayed Hail Marys while in the dentist chair, that she didn’t feel a thing. Didn’t work for me but it still makes me smile each time before I “open wide.”