NH Corn

I watch what I eat but August in NH makes it difficult to avoid corn on the cob. There’s a great farm up the road which has fields and fields of corn. We all watch it grow during the summer and anxiously await the arrival of the corn. When the corn is ready, a sign is posted on the road and the word spreads around town that _____’s Farm has corn. The place stays so busy that when you stop to buy your corn, you’re pretty much assured that it was picked within the last hour or so. So, just saying “NO” to corn is not on my list. But – I don’t eat near as much corn as I did before my Diabetes diagnosis. And in August, that’s hard.

Hope everyone has a great holiday weekend. Living in a tourist area, those of us who live here are counting the days until we can again make a left turn easily. The tourists will be back in October for Leaf Peeping but until then, our roads will be much easier to navigate.

3 thoughts on “NH Corn

  1. Hi, its me – Chrissie. Corn yes yum. The fresh corn from the farm is SO much better than the stuff in the supermarkets…… I am finally getting a chance to read blogs again after returning from Sweden. Want to see my Swedish pics? Check out my last blog post. I miss Sweden but it is also nice to be back here. Each place has its good stuff. I hope you have had a nice summer. I definitely know what you mean when you look forward to all the tourists leaving…..

  2. I share your love of fresh corn on the cob! My ideal of the ideal meal is 3-4 ears of corn, a chunk of butter and salt and pepper and a big, red, sliced tomato!Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  3. I just wanted to stop by and say thank you so much for the compliment you left on my blog. It really means a lot.All the best,Jillian

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