Nature at Work

No real diabetes news, although my bg readings are stupidly high even with exercise.

No real dad in the nursing home news, although we were able to take him to his house on the lake last week. It was a beautiful day and he really enjoyed sitting on his deck, looking at HIS lake. The nursing home even packed up a “to go” lunch for him as he’s on pureed food.

A first for me, I’m going to participate in our local Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk next month. Friends and relatives have been contributing and I appreciate their support.

Today at work, the deer below was munching away on wildflowers and weeds. I took the photo from my car at the edge of the parking lot.

And, not to whine, but I’m going to – another stupid filling fell out and guess what I get tomorrow morning at 8 AM – yes, another crown. This getting old stuff is getting old.

4 thoughts on “Nature at Work

  1. Ah, I had a tooth ground down on Monday so that I could get a cap. My molar was cracking. The sound of the drill is enough to drive a person mad.I finally finished the playroom. So far I haven’t brought toys up and it’s staying pretty clean. Maybe I’ll “forget” about the toys in the basement until the kids mention them.

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