So, as I sit here at the desk, there are several turkeys next door and I am watching them wander through the yard. I’m always amazed. The sun is shining; we might have some “summer” weather here in NH for the next few days. Some leaves have begun to show color and so there are little spots of orange and red and yellow in the trees.

I spoke w/ my ARNP last week and we’ve upped my Actos dose. I’m working harder on the treadmill and so far, so good. The meter is again my friend whereas last week I wanted to throw it out the window.

I’m working harder on the treadmill also – as I’ve signed up to do the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk next month. I’ve never walked to raise money, just wrote a check for everyone else. But, in the last two years, I’ve had a couple of recalls after my mammograms (if you’ve had one of those you know how your stomach just sinks until you can be reexamined). I’ve had to have a cyst removed, non cancerous. And I’ve had a breast ultrasound. With all this, I decided that the improved technology and research has helped me personally and therefore, I would attempt to do something to help. Our church has a team, there are 25 of us and 8 of those are breast cancer survivors. I have raised – $995! I’m awed, really… Lots of the donations are small, and they have added up to what I think is a pretty nifty amount. My biggest wish for the walk day is – – – NO snow!

On the nursing home front, we had guests this week, one of whom grew up in Boston, some years after my dad grew up in Jamaica Plain in Boston but – our guest visited with my dad at the nursing home and Dad loved it! My brother said when he was there later that dad was still bringing up old memories and just grinning. It was a great treat for dad and I can’t tell you how much I appreciated someone doing that for him.

OK – enough rambling, meandering for this evening…

OH – no, one other thing. Vivian at Danieldoo posted video of her daughter’s marching band just for me. It made me smile – and I really, really enjoyed it. Our son was a trombone player in the HS marching band for four years. I miss it and so got to have my own memories after watching her videos. Thanks Vivian!

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