Alarms, football and wheelchairs

I would bet that there’s never been another title like the one above!

So here goes, probably nothing but what the heck!

Alarms – I have my cell phone set to ring each evening to “remind” me to take the evening drugs – it’s annoying and, it works. Jeez, who would think I could be sooooo old and diabetic to boot!

Football – we used to live in Kansas City, KS – well, we actually lived in a suburb of KC, MO – in KS. Football was a prime topic of conversation in the fall – and it was fun. I really do miss it. When we moved to NH, the only way to get a lot of football on TV was through DirecTV. Yup it costs us but – the husband of this group loves it, we don’t go out much and so, the money is well spent. He’s groaned through the Redskins game today – cheered through the Patriots and yay!! the Chiefs won today. Living in KC – going to games – was an awesome experience. The stadium is cool – the fans are cooler – and watching football in real time is a totally different experience from watching on TV. I really did love it! I still enjoy the games on TV. It helps to have been at the stadium and watched. In the scheme of things, it’s cheap entertainment and we like it. But – it’s not the same as being in the KC area when EVERYONE dressed in red on Fridays and rooted for the Chiefs!

Wheelchairs – My dad, who resides in a nursing home, had an eye appointment on Friday. I picked him up at 2:30, took his wheelchair w/ us as the eye doctor’s office is NOT handicapped accessible and I was worried that I might have a problem getting him around. Just going through the office door proved to be an experience. He has small “ski like” things on the back legs of his walker, which got stuck in the doorway – I could not get them loose. Finally, I kicked at it hard enough and voila! we were loose. Meanwhile, the nursing home had him dressed and ready – but – with his catheter bag hanging through the legs of his pants. So that meant, I had to move the DAMN bag every time I moved him. I am not a happy camper and they will be hearing about it. It shouldn’t be this hard. The nursing home where he lives is a great place but every now and then they blow it – and regrettably, I’m the first to let them know when they make a mistake. I am also – *** – the first to write a letter thanking them when they do something right. Eye doctor appointments take TOO long. I got him back to the nursing home at 5:30. Oh yeah, the wheelchair – I brought it, just in case, and in moving it into the car trunk or moving it out of the car trunk, I killed my back and neck and so – it’s been a painful weekend.

Stess, what stress!?

Enough whining – I’ll survive. Thanks for reading my complaints.

3 thoughts on “Alarms, football and wheelchairs

  1. Sometimes just venting our stress helps alleviate them a little. I hope you rebound well and know that we’re thinking of you out in cyberspace. I did a little venting of my own lately, feel free to reciprocate by checking out my sad little post over at http://amyliagrace.blogspot.comI’ll keep checking back to hear how you’re doing.

  2. There is an online form where you can file an ADA complaint against places (buildings) that are not handicapped accessible. I’ll see if I can find you the link. I encourage you to use it. No change is ever facilitated without action!Plus, thanks for all the kind comments on my blog!

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