A very un "jobbigt" week!

According to Chrissie in Belgium, jobbigt is Swedish for a difficult, trying day. It’s a great word, thanks Chrissie! Any hints on pronunciation??

Picked up my dad’s new glasses yesterday and took them over to him at the nursing home. He put on the glasses, looked up and said, “I had no idea you were so good looking!” He really is funny and I really am lucky.

Filled up my pill boxes this afternoon. I know I’ve written about this before but I’m still astounded at what I take. Seems to be working though so – I’ll stick with it. I don’t see my physician until the end of October. My last visit was in August so it almost seems like a vacation.

And – knock on wood – I haven’t had to go back to the dentist in two whole weeks. I felt like I was living there for awhile.

Sarah – I think the eye doctor’s office is probably “grandfathered” as far as building codes go for ADA. It’s an older tri-level house w/ the office part in the basement. Once we got dad in the examining room, they did everything there, including the guy coming in w/ frames, etc… to fit dad’s new glasses. My dad has been seeing him for over 30 years and so, I feel I can’t switch him to a new eye doctor.

Amylia – gee, you weren’t too far from me when you were in Maine. And yes, griping on a blog is very good for my marriage. I read your post today – tuna salad on a waffle??? Ick!

Ronni, over at Time Goes By, has bloggers posting photos of “Where We Blog.” You need to be age 50 or older. My photo is below – and yes, the windows need to be washed.

Yes, that’s a bird clock on the wall. In the same room we have a bug clock and an Elvis clock. We have friends?? that send us a new one each year (there are many more in the basement). Recent mornings we’ve had turkeys in the yard that I watched as I sat at the computer. We also get to see foxes, deer, a bear (once) and a moose (once).

4 thoughts on “A very un "jobbigt" week!

  1. Hi, okay how does one pronoun jobbig,jobbigt? Whether one adds a tor not depends on the gender of the word. You take the word “job”, but make the j sound like the y in yes. The ig sounds like the ig in pig. Simple huh?! Swedish is much easier than French. However in both languages you kind of roll the R’s and I cannot do! My tongue just doesn’t get it! Kind of a cool idea to show pics of where we blog – I will see if I can find one….. And it is so nice how your father got glasses ahtat lets him see you better! I love the saying – “old age isn’t for sissies”.

  2. I just read Ronni’s entry about “Where We Blog” and your picture is the first one I looked at. Then I started to read your blog. I saw that you said you have Type 1.5 diabetes. I’m curious as to what that means. My husband is a Type 2 diabetic who is on insulin. I am right on the edge with fasting blood glucose over 100. I managed by losing weight to get it down to 101 but I am afraid it is only a matter of time given that my Dad and all his sibs developed Type 2 diabetes.

  3. Hi aenodia – found your comment and wanted to share some info w/ you.I am far from expert on diabetes. I was dx’d w/ Type 2, 2 years ago. Then after a visit w/ the endo, he determined that he thinks I’m a Type 1.5.There’s not a lot of information about it but – best way to learn is Google it and follow some of the links. Basically, it’s a slow onset Type 1 found in adults. It’s often referred to as LADA, Late-onset Autoimmune Diabetes of Adulthood.Colleen

  4. Colleen, your father is priceless! My grandpa, who is legally blind, said to me “My, you look lovely today. Very beautiful….of course I’m legally blind.” hahah Funny guy.Also, thanks for the shout-out on your blog. I love that you posted where you blog. It’s a lovely view. Make me long for New England, for the coast of Maine. Right now I’m blogging on my hard mattress in my small studio in Taipei. It should be cleaned, but it is not. The lights are out and I just have an IKEA candle on my desk and the glow of the fish tank to keep me going. Thta and the lights from Taipei 101, the tallest building in the world, glaring in my window. It is only 6:10pm and very dark.

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