Catching Up

It’s raining. It’s been raining most of the day. And I’ve been playing blog/diabetes/forum catch up. I even joined dLife and TuDiabetes (the Word In Your Hand project is pretty cool). I thought I’d joined dLife 2 years ago, but guess not. (I also cleaned out my bedroom closet – yay!)

I have to say that I’m impressed w/ the monitoring of the forums on dLife. Just browsing through I saw that questions/worries/whatever often received quick replies from someone on staff. I’ve recently been going to the Blogabetes at dLife as some of my favorite blog writers are over there – and doing a wonderful job of writing about diabetes and life.

One post at dLife caught my eye. The person RANTED that she was unable to find anything and so, she wouldn’t be back. I think part of her problem may have been that she didn’t know what she was looking for. I remember when I was first diagnosed and jeez!!! I would have been lost without the Internet. But I also remember that I didn’t know yet what I was looking for as I “Googled” away trying to find out what my body had done. (How many new diabetics google “diabetes diet,” only to finally learn, there really is no such thing?)

Thankfully, an article in the Wall Street Journal about Amy Tenderich led me to DiabetesMine and from there I was off and running. I added many blogs to my favorites list and would click away each morning to see who had updated. Then I found out about Bloglines (I think Amy wrote about that). Now I just go there and the blogs on my list show updates (it’s a little slow sometimes but that’s ok).

At some point, I found Diabetes Daily Headlines – and good grief, there were even more blogs to read.

I can’t read them all – and so I have some that I follow religiously and others that I check on periodically.

I was a lurker for a long, long time. But now, comments are my smile of the day – to know that someone actually read what I wrote, and was willing to offer advice or just a kind word is truly nifty. My new blog friends are special and my husband deals very nicely with listening to me talk about my new friends.

On another note – I also have Elderblogger friends (yup, the over 50 crowd). Thanks to Ronni at Time Goes By, I’ve found other friends, some even older than me!! I have very few personal friends who do much on their computer other than read email. Finding this whole group of people who are my age and older, blogging away is an experience. If you have time, and want to smile, check out Millie Garfield’s (age – 82!) I Can’t Open It videos. There’s also Olive (soon to be 108!!!).

Lastly, my hat is off to the parents of children with diabetes. Your love and strength is evident in every post you write. Sometimes I cry with you as you work so hard to keep your children happy and healthy. A post this week by Shannon is one I keep thinking about. One of our sons had a friend in high school who has diabetes (they’re still friends). We didn’t have to worry about what to serve for dinner, etc… as he knew what he could have. But, we did keep diet soda (I didn’t have diabetes back then and hated diet soda – different story now…) and some non sugary cereal in the house just for him, and he always thanked us. Shannon, I hope the other parents will take the time to learn.

That’s it from rainy, chilly NH this evening. I’m doing the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk on Sunday morning and hoping for NO rain.

Go Red Sox!

No, I don’t have any tattoos.
This belongs to my cousin… who lives in Cleveland…

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