5 Miles

Today was the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk here in our area. We had beautiful weather and it was fun. Walking with women who have survived breast cancer is inspiring. Walking through the leaves that had fallen, getting water from groups that had set up along the walk, eating a crunchy apple that one store had out for the walkers, and the people sitting in their front yards waving all made it a great morning. I had planned on carrying my Ipod but forgot it. Just as well as most of us chatted w/ friends and met new people along the way. I honestly didn’t think I could walk for the whole 5 miles but I did. I was the top fund raiser for our team, thanks to my friends and relatives. Nicole over at CuriousGirl was walking today also.

Morning BG was high, after the walk it had dropped a lot (not dangerously). It continued to go down in the hour after we got home so I celebrated w/ 1/2 a beer at lunch. Took a nap shortly after and woke up higher than the morning. I see my physician later this month and I think we’re going to have stuff to talk about. I don’t normally drink beer as it makes me go to sleep. If I ever have sleeping problems, I’m probably in deep doo-doos as I know what will put me to sleep. (Just kidding, I think…)

Sound asleep w/ my pink socks!
I can’t believe my husband took this
but thank goodness for photo editing.

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  1. Oh, I love those pink socks, Colleen. Glad you had such a wonderful day! The walk in Providence was fabulous. We should all be proud of ourselves – and our friends, family, and others who have fought or are fighting breast cancer. Here’s to hope.

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