Insulin soon

Well – saw my physician today (an ARNP – she’s great). All tests, except A1C, were great. I knew the A1C would not be good, my BG numbers have been atrocious. My lowest number was the day I did the 5 mile walk w/ Making Strides Against Breast Cancer. After my five miles, the number dropped over 60 points (and I still wasn’t too low) – gee, I just need to walk 5 miles a day?? I don’t think so.

I know this is the progression of the disease – but it still stinks.

I can’t see the endocrinologist until January so we’re upping the Metformin for now – yay? And I guess I need to hop on the treadmill more often. (In my spare time…)

Off to my uncle’s funeral this week – if you’re a Red Sox fan you might enjoy this story about my uncle –

Mae was always a huge Red Sox fan, and I heard the story a thousand times that she dressed up Gerald as a girl so they could both get into Fenway for a nickel on Ladies’ Day.

Life goes on – and on – and on.

5 thoughts on “Insulin soon

  1. Colleen, I’m sorry to hear about your high numbers. Without insulin, it’s gotta be really hard to keep those down. It’s not possible to exercise every time you’re high, and even that is not always the answer. If I exercise when I’m too high, my numbers actually go up. Anyway, thinking of you. I liked your story about your uncle being dressed up like a girl to be snuck into Fenway for a nickel. Thanks for sharing.Thinking of you, as always. 🙂

  2. Colleen,My condolences to you and your family. I LOVE that story. My dad and his friends used to run and charge the turnstiles at Fenway – a whole bunch of them – they figured – you can catch one or two – but you won’t catch us all!I’m sorry too about your high numbers. And I know you must feel discouraged. It always helps me to not think of medicines as “the next step – or a part of progression” – but as another tool in my arsenal – another something I have to use to solve the mysteries the disease presents. I know it’s a bit of denial – but it makes me feel more in control. I hope it can help you to think that way too – insulin is a different – and a more powerful tool than any other you have. That’s it. Nothing more – nothing less.Anyway. I’ll be thinking of you. 🙂Nicole

  3. Colleen — I hope you can bring down those numbers between now and January through exercise, diet, and your Metformin. It was always very frustrating for me (before I finally convinced my old GP to prescribe some fast Regular) to be hovering around 300 and have nothing but slow NPH on hand. Amylia is quite right about numbers actually rising when you exercise with already high sugar. Is there any way at all you can get in to see your endo before next year?

  4. Colleen, What a sweet story about your uncle. It’s nice you have those thoughts & memories. You & your family will be in my prayers.

  5. Thanks for caring. The endo office said to check each week for cancellations… I’ll do that.I’ll need LOTS of advice when I start the insulin. I have no one here that I know that uses insulin, so I’ll be depending on you for help and advice.

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