10 thoughts on “D-Blog Day

  1. Colleen-Happy D-Blog day to you, too. And thanks for stopping by my blog this morning– and every other morning you’ve come by. 🙂Your encouraging comments and support have meant a lot.Sandra

  2. Colleen, I just wanted to stop by and really thank you for all of your comments. The words you use to describe me really mean a lot. They are very encouraging and usually make my day. Thank you for being one of many.

  3. Hey Colleen,I just came from Donna’s page and think the three of us could have quite the discussion about Chicago.Do you remember that double album that was all silver? They were the best!I wish you good days ahead.Kathy

  4. Hey Colleen & Kathy,Jeff just gave me some more information on Chicago OR Chicago Transit Authority. He said before that they were called The Big Thing. Wow! I had no idea. I know I just love their music! It’s so much fun to listen too. Kind of lifts you up.About D-Blog day – I’m glad you’re here, Colleen. I really enjoy your posts & your replies on my blog. Thanks so much.

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