THE endo appointment

My original appointment was in January – due to high numbers, I called, I whined (just a little) and got an appointment for this Friday. On Monday they called, and it was changed to this morning. I scrambled around last night getting numbers, info, etc… together (this after eating a decadent brownie at a meeting which sent me to 237), dumb, dumb, dumber – but it was a really, really good brownie.

So – here’s the note I sent my PCP – an ARNP.

I really wanted the subject line to read: fun, fun, fun…

Saw Dr. Endo today. He’s very nice – you’re better! He did spend time (40 minutes) talking w/ me but I have to be honest, he’s just not into the nitty gritty of diabetes the way you are.

I had an appt. on Friday, the 16th, they called yesterday and said that wasn’t going to work and it needed to be changed. I ended up going this morning. So, I drove to the Endocrinology Building – early as usual – only to find out he was at the Clinic… no one told me that…

Got in there on time – but they have no records… not sure why they have no records… Oh well.

He has no clue when he saw me (April, 2005) – what he wrote you – etc, etc, etc…

I had brought my massive notebook w/ everything including the handy, dandy reports of labs, etc… that you give me each time (thank you!). I also had a printed report of current meds (I can be quite anal at times). I also had (I can be so, so techie) – the print out of my blood sugars for the last 4 weeks.

He agreed that I need to do something else – SO… then he asked what I wanted to do. I said I wanted the A1C lower and to stop feeling so crappy w/ high blood sugars.

I’m going to start Glimepiride in about a week. He wants the second week of upped Metformin to go by before starting something new. He also increased the Actos to 45.

My other choices were 2x/day insulin or 4x/day insulin (basal/bolus).

He thinks I have a couple of years before hitting the injection routine.

I see him again mid January. I see you in January also.

I read a lot of diabetes blogs, info, stuff – I really am so fortunate to be working WITH you.

And so bloggers, my life as a Type 1 LADA. My PCP is extremely knowledgeable about diabetes and so, for living in the boonies of NH, I’m lucky.

Wish me luck – I’m tired of this. I don’t know how all of you have done this for so many, many years. I can do this – because you have shown me that it can be done.

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  1. ColleenSorry to hear you were given a bit of a run around by the new endo. I don’t have Type 2 diabetes, so I’m a little biased towards insulin. I can’t help wondering whether your control wouldn’t be a lot better with it. I mean if you’re going to end up on it anyway, maybe you’d feel better by starting on it sooner.It might be worth asking some folks with type 2 on TuDiabetes, if you can find some who are already using insulin.Good luck and best wishes for less of those highs.

  2. I don’t have Type 2 – I’m a Type 1 according to the Endo – a “LADA.” I told him I was more than willing to start Insulin – but he wants to try the oral drugs first. This is so, so confusing.

  3. Colleen – Oh, such a struggle it is. I hope the new dosages/drugs will work to help you to FEEL better. That’s what really matters, right? Perhaps the new tool, combined with the upgraded (upped-dosed) old tools will help you to do just that. And re: the brownie. OMG, this time of year is SUCH a struggle. There is yummy goodness everywhere and I have a very hard time resisting… 😛Anyway – today gave you more data (however hard it was to come by – sounds like you got quite the run-around from the endo) to work with, more information to help you in the puzzle-mastering that is living with diabetes… RE: the last post at Think on Things – check out my comment back. That piece was written by a new author, my friend Katie (Kit)! Just wanted to be sure you knew that.Big hugs!Nicole

  4. Oh Colleen,I am so sorry things didn’t go as well as you had hoped with the endo. I was so looking forward to hearing all kinds of good things about him. I’m sure you were, too. Like Bernard, I don’t understand why they don’t go ahead & start you on insulin NOW if they think you’re going to end up on it anyway. Seems silly for them to make you wait – just my opinion.Anyway, I hope you start feeling better soon.

  5. Grrr…sorry about the run-around. Bummer. I don’t know much about type 1 LADA, but I hope that your new doses work and if not, I hope you don’t lose hope. It’s not your fault you have this stinking disease. Oh, and happy world diabetes day (hah)!

  6. Colleen, like Bernard and too am biased toward insulin….. it just seems why go through testing everything and end up on insulin anyhow. All that time can be instead spent on learning how to adjust the insulin correctly. It seems more direct. And the doctor run around…… well that isn’t JUST a diabetes problem. But hej, welcome to the circus. I know you know your way around by now.

  7. Colleen, sorry the endo wasn’t as good as he should have been… but I’m glad that your PCP is awesome. You have an amazing support network of fellow d’s out here, and you give great support myself. You are right when you say that you can do this. We all can.Plus, you’re a woman. Tough species.xx K

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