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When I began this blog in July 05, it wasn’t intended to be a place to talk about diabetes. I had just been diagnosed but really had no clue as to what I was in for. It was just going to be a place where I updated others about our life in New Hampshire.

So for this evening – some stuff about our life in New Hampshire…, sort of…

Last weekend the battery died in one of my meters. I’d been wondering how long it would last and had even thought of getting one (a battery) before I needed one. Had I? No. So I hauled out the book, wrote down the battery number and drove around (at $3/gallon) our small town, looking for the battery. No luck. I called Accu-Chek to see if I could buy one and have it sent. They Fed-Ex’d it to me at no charge. I drove to another town today, it’s actually a city, and was able to find the battery, so now I have two in reserve. The packaging from Accu-Chek was amazing – photos below.

On Thursday I visited my dad after work. It had rained all day, was chilly and gray. When I walked into the lobby, several of the residents were there with a bunch of smiling kids. I spent some time with dad in his room and as I was leaving, the aide brought two young men in who walked right in, brightly said, “Hi John!” and told me they were there to visit my dad. They’re from a local elementary school and they do this on a regular basis. They introduced themselves to my dad, I left a smiling dad. When I got downstairs, the “living room” was full of kids and residents. They were playing games and I’ve never seen so many smiles. The kids and the residents were all having a great time. I was overwhelmed that people/strangers were taking their time to do this. They didn’t come on a bus, they were driven by parent volunteers. It wasn’t done during school hours. I’ve written a letter to the school thanking them.

Tomorrow we will go to my dad’s nursing home for a Thanksgiving Dinner. They do this each year (this is our 3rd) and it’s wonderful. My brother, my husband and I will join my dad at noon. The dinner is delicious, it’s served beautifully and other than the wheelchairs, walkers, oxygen and a few residents wearing bibs; you really feel like you’re dining in a nice restaurant. We won’t be able to have dad at our house this year. We live on the side of a hill and our living area is on the second floor. He can’t navigate that many steps. So, I’ve told him we’ll be back on Thursday to watch some football with him that afternoon.

Back to diabetes – I’m increasing dosages weekly right now and will start glimepiride next week. My morning numbers still aren’t great but they are going down. I need to get back on the treadmill, I need to get to the gym, I need to get back to being in charge of my diabetes.

I loved everyone’s photos of World Diabetes Day! A co-worker called that evening as she was watching the news to say, did I know it was World Diabetes Day. I told her yup, I did know. She told me that the local news was explaining the differences between juvenile and type 2 diabetes. I had recorded the show and so checked it later. They did mention WDD, didn’t show any of the blue buildings and did a lousy job of explaining diabetes types. Oh well, at least they did something, I guess.

Northern parts of NH got a whole lot of snow yesterday – 8+ inches! We had some flurries but no big stuff – yet.

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  1. wow~snow? It was 75 degrees today. Ahhh, I did buy some fake paint on snow for my window, so I can simulate snowflakes. hah!glad you enjoyed the WDD photos! check back–more today on my blog.happy sunday to you and how wonderful the kids visit the nursing home. what a joy!

  2. Hi Colleen. I’m glad to hear your morning numbers are coming down. Isn’t it wonderful that there are people who give of themselves like the folks who visit your dad and others? Enjoy the dinner tomorrow.

  3. Colleen,I think it’s so nice that these kids & their parents came to the nursing home to visit everyone. That is so cool! And for you to get to see the smile on so many faces had to feel like a blessing!

  4. Stress can really wreak havoc on your numbers, too. Hubby has Type I diabetes and is so much better at keeping the numbers in control than when he was working under a lot of stress. Everyone has stress in their lives, unfortunately, and it isn’t always easy to control. I’m reading this Thanksgiving evening. Hope your day was peaceful and enjoyable. Sounds like you had a good plan. This sounds dumb I know; must be the overload of pie and sweet potatoes! 😀

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