Dinner with dad

The Thanksgiving Dinner at my dad’s nursing home was wonderful. We had a great time. Staff members at the home make this a very special occasion for everyone, residents and guests. My dad especially enjoyed introducing us to some of his friends, most of whom we’ve met but – we met again. Who knows who remembers meeting us?! It was fun and the food was nicely prepared and presented.

I was glad that Allison canceled the Diabetes O.C. Blog Awards. I wanted to nominate everyone! Each one of you have given me advice, solace, encouragement and so much more. I’ve learned tons since I began reading and even better, I have learned to be a better advocate for me.

On another NH note, as we sit here this evening, trying to enjoy the peace and quiet, our phone does nothing but RING. Living in NH during the political season is an experience. We have Caller ID and feel it’s worth every nickel we pay for it each month. In the past, I used to just turn off the ringer and turn down the answering machine. I can’t do that now due to dad. So we just listen to the calls (phone reads: unknown caller) that hang up as soon as the message starts on the machine.

4 thoughts on “Dinner with dad

  1. Colleen,I’m glad the dinner was good. It’s so nice that your dad got to introduce (re-introduce) you to his friends. Knowing that he has friends there has to make you feel good. I’m happy for him.

  2. I am so glad you had a good time at the dinner. Sounds wonderful. I love the picture of you and your dad, you look so pretty.The phone thing would drive me insane! I hope it does not last too awful long.

  3. yay! Your dad looks spiffy in his checked shirt. Very nice. And you look lovely in black–it really accents the cross.I hate unsolicited calls. Thank goodness for caller ID!

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