Seven Random Things

Beth over at In Search of Balance tagged me for the seven meme…
Thanks, Beth – I think… (and… my buttons are in the mail! yay!!)
The Rules:
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2. Post these rules on your blog.
3. List seven random and/or weird facts about yourself.
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1. I attended 8 different schools from kindergarten through high school graduation (I’m an Army Brat).
2. I don’t eat seafood, wish I did but I just don’t like it, any of it.
3. We lived in England when The Beatles emerged. I was in 8th grade and wrote to my friends back in the US about them. No one had heard of them until the Ed Sullivan Show. When we moved back to the US, everyone assumed I’d met the Beatles.
4. My first date w/ my husband was to see American Graffiti. The only reason I went was so he would pay for the ticket. We’d known each other for years but neither one of us liked the other. We were engaged by the next month and have been married 34 years.
5. I have just about every photo I’ve taken since my first camera in 4th grade. And yes, most of them (until the digital camera) are in albums.
6. I love our sunrises here on our hill in NH.
7. I have a very short – and scenic – commute to work and I’m going to be late today due to trying to get this seven thing done.

OK – I tag: (and I have no clue who’s been tagged)
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6 thoughts on “Seven Random Things

  1. cool and interesting tidbits.i tagged jeff (go do a test), too, so now he HAS TO DO IT if we both tagged lived in england? way cool.i like the story about you and your hubby. 🙂

  2. I don’t eat seafood either! And I wish I did, too! I am allergic to shrimp, though, I found out recently, so there may be some slight allergy to other things keeping me from liking it.Very cool about the Beatles 🙂

  3. I love quirky stories about how couples get together. Maybe I’m a little sappy right now, since I’m planning my wedding right now.I tagged Jeff too…OOPS!

  4. Colleen,My husband & I met when we were very young & didn’t like each other for a long time either. Funny how this stuff works out sometimes, huh?

  5. Colleen-Thanks for the tag.Yes, I marked you for extra credit for tagging me (and Dixie)!!I also have every photo I’ve ever taken. Sadly, mine aren’t all in albums…some are just in a box.Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. “I attended 8 different schools from kindergarten through high school graduation” sounds just like me, too…except you have to add that I was home-schooled for a couple of years in there because my schools couldn’t handle the diabetes when I was still in elementary.Thanks for commenting on my blog, by the way! Nice to internet-meet you. =)

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