2 turkeys

I gave up cooking the bird several years ago. Our town has a well known turkey restaurant and so we order one and pick it up around noon on Thanksgiving Day. It costs more but – I’m not sticking my hand in a cold turkey at 6 AM looking for the bags of innards. And so, for me, it’s worth it.

Meanwhile, the two sons were not able to get here but they were able to be together. They decided to try the deep fry method. It worked, they said the turkey was delicious, even if it looks somewhat dark in the photo below. I think it looks awful but – No one burned themselves and better yet, they didn’t burn up the yard.

4 thoughts on “2 turkeys

  1. Yeah, I’d say it’s worth it, too. Glad you went easy on yourself this year! And that fried turkey looks gross. Not quite as gross as the Modern Toilet #2, but still, not good. I have, however, tasted the deep fried turkey (my step-dad made one once) and it is very good. Better than the Tofurkey I sampled two years ago (my boyfriend’s brother was a vegetarian then, so it was all tofurkey for him–and a lot of stuffing!)Happy Thanksgiving! 🙂

  2. When I read deep fried, it made me think of that Allsate commercial about people burning their houses down on Thanksgiving. I’m glad that didn’t happen! I hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving. I hadn’t realized you didn’t know what I looked like. I had a picture of me up when I first started blogging, but removed it when the Word in Your Hand project came along.

  3. The top one looks delicious, and makes me hardly able to wait for Christmas, when we have our turkey. The bottom one? Erm… not so much! Hope you had a great day!

  4. Colleen,I’ve heard a lot of people are starting to deep fry their turkeys these days. But I’ve never seen what one looks like after it’s done. I think I’ll pass. I would much prefer the one in the first picture. It looks delicious!

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