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In March of 2005, my dad became ill and was in the hospital for two weeks. His illness required several more weeks of care and so he went to a nursing home. At that time, I came to the realization that his clothes were in terrible shape and not appropriate for a nursing home. Panic set in and I began Googling to find something for him to wear. I found, thank goodness, Buck & Buck Clothing, located in Washington. He didn’t need anything fancy. But he did need clothing that was simple to put on and take off – AND – clothing that would survive the washings & dryings of an institution laundry. The pants, shirts and sweaters we purchased have more than surpassed my expectations. The staff at Buck & Buck were so very, very helpful that first evening when I called.

One of the very cool things that they do is use velcro in place of shirt buttons (if requested). It’s so neat. An OT was working w/ dad one afternoon and wanted him to work on unbuttoning his shirt, well, he looked at me – grinned – and then ripped the shirt open easily because of the velcro. It was so funny and the look on the OT’s face was priceless – along w/ the look on my dad’s face as he one-upped her.

My dad continues to live in a nursing home and the clothes I purchased are still in great shape. The name tags are still on and the clothing has held up beautifully. He always looks very put together. The staff has borrowed my catalogs to share with other residents.

I just thought I’d share this info in case you have someone in a nursing home, or someone who needs clothing that is easier to manipulate. Oh – and I think their prices are quite reasonable – even more so since the clothes have held up so nicely for 2+ years.

Back to diabetes…
I started the glimepiride on Thursday and promptly saw the lowest numbers I’ve had in weeks. It was fun! It seems to be working great in the morning and then kind of fades in the early evening. I’ve made the husband learn to do a meter reading and that was an interesting experience. He’s willing to learn, just makes a funny face while stabbing me. I think the numbers will get even better once the Thanksgiving foods (pies!) are gone from the fridge and I go back to work and eating normally. Eating out w/ a friend this evening (and wearing one of my new buttons from Beth!!) probably didn’t help much either but…

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  1. That is so cool about the clothes. I bet he felt wonderful when he was able to outwit his OT. lol I will have to keep that company in mind in case hubby gets to where he can not button up. Thanks for sharing.Oh and very exciting that your numbers are more where you want them to be. Woo hoo!

  2. Hi Colleen. I will keep B&B in mind. They sound like a good outfit to deal with. Thanks.It’s nice to see that lovely 99. Don’t you just love those?

  3. Colleen,Glad to see that 99. Such a nice number, huh? I’ll bet it made your dad feel good to ourwit his OT. How funny! Humor does a lot to keep us in good spirits. I hope his continues.

  4. That was a great suggestion you made for people who need special type of clothing – and they stand up in the nursing homer laundry, that says a lot!I’ll be going to Florida soon and have to go through airport security – In the past I have worn laced shoes and it’s hard to take them off and then relace the shoes.This year I’ll be wearing a pair of shoes with VELCRO instead of laces. (Payless). They look good and are a snap to put on and take off.

  5. Colleen,I’m going to mention that catalogue to one of my friends who does home health care.Also, I just took a look at your mom’s blog – she is a fiesty lady – I got a good grin out of her describing the visits with the current “men in her life”. Too funny.Have a good week ahead.Kathy

  6. Kathy – I’m not sure who you’re talking about but – – – my mom’s been gone for a long time, so the blog must be someone else’s…

  7. Oh, I think Kathy got confused about your blog link on your page that is entitled “My Mom’s Blog” about the oldest woman blogger on the internet.🙂 It WOULD be funny if that were your mom!

  8. Duh – thanks Amylia – If I had a brain I would have realized she’d gone to Millie’s blog. Speaking of which, when visiting Millie’s blog, be sure to view her “I can’t open it” videos. They’re funny!

  9. Hi Colleen, Thanks for taking a minute to say “hi” on my blog, and for your nice comment. I’d like to add you to my blogroll, if that’s alright. I’m going to send my cousin that link to the clothing you found for your dad. Her husband has MS, and anything convenient is a big help.

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