Knock on wood

It seems like many of the OC PWD’s have bugs – eye stuff, throat stuff, stomach stuff – ick! Almost makes me scoot away from my monitor while reading, just so I don’t catch anything. I’m just kidding but, I know it’s a huge issue when you have diabetes. And just thinking about dealing w/ sick kids, who also have diabetes; well, I don’t know how you do it! Hope everyone feels better very, very soon.

The nursing home called Sunday morning to let me know that dad was running a fever and was congested. I was there by 10 AM and he wasn’t looking so great. The nurse told me that when she mentioned that he might go to the hospital, he told her, “No” and then said to call me. Earlier this year, after a week or so in the hospital, he told his doctor that if he became ill again, he did not want to go to the hospital again. Then he asked the doctor to tell me about his decision. I talked w/ him afterwards and let him know that I agreed with his decision and that it was his choice to decide. He looked me straight in the face and said, “Well, I thought you’d be angry with me.” Nope, I agree with him – although he’s content where he is, it’s really not much of a life and so, when it’s his time to go, we will let him go. He has a DNR, he has a living will. But – on Sunday after the chest x-ray, he asked me if I thought he should go to the hospital. I told him no, he likes his room, he likes the aides and the nurses and he can take antibiotics there. Well – I was sure this would be it – Nope, he hasn’t run a temp since starting medication, and although he’s on oxygen for right now, he’s pretty chipper. On Sunday I got his lunch tray and brought it to him. One of the aides preparing his tray said that no matter what, dad always has his appetite and eats everything.

I was diagnosed (almost 3 years ago) shortly after having the almost worst flu of my life. (Worst was my first year teaching in an elementary school.) I hadn’t had the flu in years but that was the year there was a shortage of the vaccine and I wasn’t old enough to get the shot. Spent New Year’s Day in the chair wrapped up w/ a blanket as in addition to being sick, our furnace died that morning. So the furnace guys are working, I look like death warmed over – Happy New Year to me. Little did I know my year would get worse a couple of weeks later w/ the diabetes diagnosis.

For those of you battling a bug, feel better soon – Hope my dad is back to his sort of healthy self soon – And I’m knocking on wood that I don’t catch anything!

Oh yeah – Go Army! Beat Navy! The game is this Saturday. As the daughter of a WP grad, I have always watched THE game. If my brother can’t get up here on Saturday, I’ll go over to the nursing home and watch it w/ dad. Photo above is dad, probably his plebe year at West Point.

5 thoughts on “Knock on wood

  1. Hi Colleen. I hope your dad continues feeling “pretty chipper.” Thank you for including that fine photo of him in your post.

  2. mmm….love the photo, Colleen.Life deals us some hard blows sometimes and we never know what is around the next bend, but it’s good your dad is eating and that you seem to have a handle on how to let him go when that time comes. it’s often easier said than done, but i remember being with my grandma and telling her it was okay to let go–to go and that i loved her and that we would all be okay.your father looked so great in the photo of thanksgiving and he seems do be doing well, as do you–both looking sharp!

  3. Coleen, I am crossing my fingers and holding my thumb (brings good luck in Sweden) for you and your Dad. And I am totally with you on treating your Dad at the hospital or having him remain where he is.

  4. Colleen, I hope your dad gets better quickly & you don’t catch anything, too! He’s so fortunate to have you.

  5. Thanks all!Dad’s pneumonia is “aspiration pneumonia.” He has swallowing difficulties, eats thickened pureed foods and still can end up with food going down the wrong tube. The only solution is a feeding tube and he and we (the kids) have decided not to do that.I have to be honest, I’ll be devastated when he dies but at this point, I feel pretty good about how hard he’s worked to stick around for awhile.Thank you for your notes and for enjoying his plebe photo.

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