Comedy ??? on a commercial???

This is going to sound silly but –

My dad, who resides in a nursing home, has mentioned a commercial he’s seen, several times. (He’s seen the commercial several times AND has mentioned it several times.) I’m not sure what he’s seen, he’s not sure what he’s seen but – I think it’s an ad for a DVD on comedy from the old days. He says it’s 9.95 but he thinks it’s a series… and so you have to buy more. He says there’s a scene where a woman whacks someone with a pocketbook. I’ve done a Google search but – it’s overwhelming.

TV is his lifeline right now – amusingly, he watches Ellen and Dr. Phil every afternoon, in addition to Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy every evening. This is a man who barely watched TV most of his life, other than golf, football and baseball.

If you have seen or see an ad like this, would you please let me know any info from it if you can catch the information?

He asks for very little and is appalled when I bring him anything. Today I brought him a new toothbrush and a replacement bulb for his nightlight. He told me I do too much for him and that I need to take a break from taking care of him.

Good news is – he’s off oxygen for now, they’ll monitor his levels, and the doctor has said he can go back to his normal routine on Monday. He goes to the exercise room each day and rides a stationary bike for about 10 minutes. He’s really missed that this week with being sick.

Army lost, for the sixth year in a row – a new record. I went over at noon to make sure he was on the right channel to watch the game.

But Virginia Tech won! Yeah!!

Thanks, to anyone who has a clue what my dad is seeing on TV.

3 thoughts on “Comedy ??? on a commercial???

  1. Colleen,I don’t what commercial he’s talking about. But when I was a teenager, I had been really sick in the hospital for a few days & I was telling my family about a dog food commercial I had seen. I loved this commercial! But since I had been so sick & kind of out of it, no one believed me. They thought I had imagined it or something. It was a long time before anyone else in my family saw the commercial – then they finally believed me. So I don’t know what commercial he’s talking about, but don’t give up hope – I’m sure you’ll see it eventually. Good luck!

  2. Hi Colleen. I don’t watch much television, so I’m not familiar with the commercial your dad might have seen. But Ruth Buzzi and Arte Johnson (as an old spinster and a dirty old man) used to do a regular skit on Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In that invariably ended with her whacking him with her pocketbook. Amazon has DVDs of Laugh-In, but they’re much more expensive than $9.95. Here’s the link:

  3. being in taiwan, i have no idea. i am sorry, but i am happy to hear y your dad is getting back to his routine. good luck with the dvd. it sounds like your dad is like many of us and worries or feels guilty when people do kind things for us, no matter how small it may seem or how happy it makes the one who is doing it. independence is a fallacy.

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