We may have to become a shoeless house. Our floors remind me of when the boys were little and spent hours in the sandbox in the backyard. The sand stuck to them and then dribbled throughout the house when they came in – the vaccum made the greatest sounds – slurrrrp! right next to their beds where they’d change clothes.

We had our first snow this week and parking lots, etc… are full of mushy, sandy snow. It sticks to my sneakers, falls out, and – it’s gritty sitting here at my computer with the plastic mat under the chair.

BG numbers are definitely showing improvement – except for a chocolate chip cookie day… Tonight’s “just now” number is 110 – woo hoo! At lunchtime today I felt crummy, shaky, very weird – wised up, stuck myself and it was 78. I know that 78 is NOT a “low” but for me, it is. Ate my lunch, drove back to work and like a dope, left my “purse” meter sitting on the kitchen counter here at home. But I felt much better so – I know, I’ll do better at having the meter with me from now on.

About the DVD’s my dad saw advertised – we’ve guessed that they are the Dean Martin Roasts. Problem is – the company that markets them has a terrible reputation if you look at the complaint boards. So, my sister is going to check out EBay and see if we can find something there. My brother is going to buy the DVD player. Dad will have a terrible time with trying to operate the DVD but – I figure it’ll be a great thing to watch during our visits.

I was at the nursing home the other day and our visit was a wonderful, sentimental conversation about my mother. She died in 1988. We talked about their wedding and it was nice to sit and listen to him going through his memories. Their 59th wedding anniversary is the end of this month.

Photo from their wedding w/ their moms – December, 1948

4 thoughts on “Sandbox

  1. Hi Colleen. Those Dean Martin Roasts were the best. Foster Brooks was my favorite. I hope you find a decent seller on eBay.What a nice photo.

  2. I absolutely adore the hats on my grandmothers. My mother’s mother, had diabetes and I always thought it was Type 2 – I’ve recently found out she was dx’d in her 20’s, so probably not type 2 but type 1. Who knew?

  3. Hi Colleen, Seeing that picture of your mom & dad from their wedding almost made me cry. He looks so happy looking at this bride. How sweet!It’s nice that you & your dad get to visit & talk about times gone by. That probably helps keep his mind sharp & happy. You’re such a good daughter to him. He’s fortunate to have you!

  4. colleen,your dad is looking so lovingly at your mom. that is quite the crown she’s wearing. and those hats–love them!dean martin roasts? that sounds too good!Hope the sand clears up or else you’ll be shoeless colleen!

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