Tacky Ornaments

Regrettably – we have many, very, tacky ornaments for our tree. This week, when stopping at the local drug store for my monthly drugs, I spotted the ornament above and HAD TO BUY IT! I also collect tacky thermometers, but that’s a story for another day. My parents were at our home for Christmas one year and I rented the movie, “A Christmas Story.” My mother – who died in 1988, laughed so hard, she cried. It really was amusing and fun. So, in addition to being a fun movie to watch, it brings back great memories of my mom and so, I enjoy anything to do with the movie.

More of my ornaments…

We bought our 3rd Christmas Tree this weekend – duh…

We have the original artificial tree that we bought in 1987. It’s pretty but getting a little ragged. Three years ago I bought a HUGE tree at BJ’s. We have a cathedral ceiling and it looked wonderful! Unfortunately, we need a ladder to put the top on the tree and to decorate it. I’m really getting too old for this stuff. So, yesterday, we bought a smaller tree and although it is somewhat “Charlie Brownish,” it will work and we will be happy with it.

6 thoughts on “Tacky Ornaments

  1. Yup! That’s tacky all right. But I can understand why you got it. I loved the movie, too. It’s still a family favorite.

  2. Hi Colleen.I’ve wanted one of those fishnet-stocking leg lamps for years, but NancyTW draws the “tacky” line at my Boston Bruins tree ornament that’s shaped like a spider. ;^)

  3. Colleen,I love the leg lamp ornament. A friend on mine’s husband just LOVES that movie. So a few years ago, she bought him a small nightlight of the leg lamp. Apparently another friend has the full sized version. My friend drew the line with the nightlight. LOL!Three trees??!! You must have a million ornaments & a lot of room!

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