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The nice news is – the new med is working! The numbers are much, much better.

I read a post at Your Diabetes May Vary (last month) that made me think. He wrote that when working with children especially, the BG test should be called a “check.” Calling it a test implies a right/wrong answer. None of us want to fail. Instead of feeling that we’ve come up with the wrong answer, it’s important that we look at our numbers to see what we can change if a change is needed. And even better, to know when we are doing the right things to keep ourselves healthy.

I taught Special Education years (many, many) ago. One of my strategies when teaching multiplication, was to give the children a card with the multiplication tables, right on their desk. I wanted them to learn HOW to do the problems. I wasn’t checking to see if they’d memorized the tables. Well, the students, on their own, covered the “cheat sheet” to do the problems – and then would check the sheet to proof their own work. I also let them work together and left the teacher’s edition out, with the answers, so they could check their own work. I guess my point is that I wanted them to learn the how and why, as I figured that would serve them better as adults, than just memorizing numbers.

Sharing information, knowledge, the “how & why” of diabetes and everything else through our blogs is similar as each one of us learns more about diabetes through other’s experiences. I’m not on insulin, yet – but when I am, I know that I’ll have the right questions for my physicians. We need to be informed consumers when it comes to our medical needs. If we research buying a new TV or car, well, we need to do the same thing with our health.

On the nursing home front – tomorrow is the Christmas Party. I’m going to go so that dad will go – it will be zooey and fun. He loves to sing and there will be music. Watching him enjoy himself in such a simple way makes me smile – and on the drive home I usually cry – but that’s ok. He will enjoy it and that will make me happy, sort of…

PS – it’s snowing – – – again…

6 thoughts on “BG Check

  1. What a great analogy!As a special ed. teacher, I totally can relate to your story. Thanks for sharing that.Have fun at the Christmas party!

  2. I totally agree with you. Check vs. test, and about being informed consumers.I hope your visit with your dad is lovely for all there, and that you enjoy yourself, even if it’s sad. I hope your dad sings up a storm!!

  3. Funny how much we don’t realize what we’re saying when our words have so much power to affect our actions and thought processes so much. Thanks for pointing this one out! Great post.And thanks for the words of encouragement as well. =)

  4. Colleen,I hope the party is fun & your dad enjoys himself. Even if it makes you cry, they will be tears of joy, right? Those are the best kind.

  5. Hi! Thanks for your thinking about my post at YDMV. I will confess we call it testing about as much as we call it testing but then we do a lot of it what ever you call it with two T1 kids on pumps. (Maybe 15-25 check a day between the two of them.)I do try to be careful about the pressure we put on them with word and wow is it hard to get not a rythm of no judgmental language.

  6. I so agree with your teaching method of how and why rather than memorizing for standardized testing. Sure wish the whole public school system could go back to a style of teaching like that.

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