The even better news

At the beginning of November I had my hearing tested due to having difficulty hearing people on the phone. The audiologist found a significant hearing loss in one ear only and she mentioned the possibility of a benign tumor and scheduled me for an appointment with an ENT. I of course went home to Google hearing loss and benign tumor. The findings were not fun. Saw the ENT, who scheduled an MRI. Had the MRI on Tuesday and this morning the office called to tell me I do not have a tumor, I have mastoiditis. (Mastoiditis is usually a consequence of a middle ear infection (acute otitis media). The infection may spread from the ear to the mastoid bone of the skull. The mastoid bone fills with infected materials and its honeycomb-like structure may deteriorate. Mastoiditis most commonly affects children. Before antibiotics, mastoiditis was one of the leading causes of death in children. Now it is a relatively uncommon and much less dangerous disorder.) So, for about 5-6 weeks, I’ve sat around thinking there was a possibility of a brain tumor. It’s not been a nice 5-6 weeks. The mastoiditis is serious but treatable. The doctor ordered an antibiotic and the husband drove to town in the hellacious!! snow to pick it up.

My mood is much improved!

I did find an incredible group of people who have the tumor or have been treated for it. The forum where they meet is outstanding. Their calm advice certainly helped these past few weeks.

Our sons arrive tomorrow. The eldest sent me a YouTube clip of Kindergarten Cop with Arnold stating, “It’s not a tumor.” after he got my email with my news.

Looking forward to an especially grateful Christmas!

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  1. Colleen, The snow is so beautiful! I know; easy for me to say since I’m not driving in it right now, huh?I’m glad you don’t have a tumor. (Your son is so funny to send you that clip of Arnold on YouTube). I love that movie so I always think of that scene when I hear the word tumor. Anyway, I hope you heal quickly & have a wonderful Christmas with your sons.

  2. Woo Hoo! Yea, for the great news!! I am so sorry you had to worry for so long but how wonderful that it turned out to be something so much easier to treat. I hope you are more at peace now.

  3. I am glad it’s not a tumor! Love that line…And what a winter wonderland. It’s 75 and sunny here in Taipei, and on Sunday I’ll be in Chicago and then home in Milwaukee with the 5th snowiest December on record already! My boyfriend’s never even seen snow!YIKES!

  4. Your balcony scene looks almost like mine this morning. We had a big winter storm through overnight and still hanging around. And I’m so glad it wasn’t a tumor. I had mastoiditis when I was in my mid-twenties, but had waited so long to seek treatment the doctors had to remove part of the mastoid bone. Consequently I lost a significant amount of hearing in the ear on that side, plus had to suffer the indignity of having my long hair shaved off on one side of the head. But that was a long time ago. Things are different today, and I’m glad you didn’t wait so long like I did. Now that you’re able to put that health scare aside, I hope you have a wonderful holiday in that wintry wonderful where you live. That wish extends to your father as well.

  5. ColleenThat’s <>great news<>. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas. If you’re ever going to be down in Massachusetts, let me know. Because I work just about 10 minutes from the NH border! I keep hoping we’ll have a d-bloggers get-together at some stage.

  6. Hi Colleen. This must have been a very tense 5-6 weeks for you. I hope that you and your family can now celebrate amd enjoy Christmas free of all that worry and anxiety. All our best wishes to you! God bless.

  7. Hey Colleen (de-lurking here).Just wanted to wish you a Happy Christmas 🙂 I’m glad there was no tumour. I used to work for ENT’s (back before I had the kids). That wait for the MRI scan to come back is not fun. I’m glad it was mastoiditis (something that can be cleared up).Take care and happy holidays!

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