Roof Raking

We’re expecting rain tomorrow – and maybe some freezing stuff. There’s lots of snow on the roof and even more (probably 2+ feet) over at my dad’s house. So, the husband, my brother and the two sons, who arrived last night, (after a 4 hour delay/flight changes) raked/shoveled my dad’s roof and then ours. Lots of fun! Not! I’m not sure our kids will ever come back in the winter. (That’s one of the reasons I made the fudge (see last post). Bribery!

You cannot buy a roof rake in our area this week. Did I even know what a roof rake was before I moved here? No.

3 thoughts on “Roof Raking

  1. Hi Colleen. It’s good that you have a whole crew to take care of the white stuff. Have a very Merry Christmas and I hope you stay warm and cozy.

  2. Hi Colleen,I’ve never heard of a roof rake either. But you get hit harder with the white stuff there than we do here in Indiana. Your sons’ arrival came in the nick of time, huh? I’m sure they didn’t mind helping take care of things – especially when being rewarded with that yummy fudge from your last post. Sounds wonderful – the fudge, not the roof raking. LOL!

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