Nibbling & Old Photos

PS – Thank you to all who commented about my hearing/mastoiditis issue. I really appreciate your caring.

The house is still full of some goodies but I’m doing a pretty good job of avoiding them. We purchased several pies for Christmas Day. I had my first piece of pie today. I find it amusing that I now savor a goodie, where in the past, I just swallowed it. I take smaller bites and just really, really enjoy the treat. The fudge was cut into tiny pieces and it’s amazing how many tiny bites I could get from one tiny piece. I also had my first bagel in several years – you know, I had read what a bagel could do to BG numbers – and found out first hand the other day – jeez, it wasn’t worth it!

Christmas day was nice. It didn’t snow! This was the first Christmas that we didn’t bring dad to the house, and that was a little sad. I gave him the choice and he chose to stay at the nursing home. We went over at the end of his lunch/dinner time so as to come in when others were in the dining room. A couple of the other residents have become friends so I walked around and shared hugs, etc… with a few. At which point a couple of ladies said, “You didn’t give me a Christmas hug!” So I did. It was fun. Everyone was very chatty and it was good to be able to visit with those who did not have visitors that day. My brother and one of the sons were with me so they could sit with dad while I wandered around the dining room. My husband and youngest son both had terrible, sneezy colds so they had stayed home.

My other brother gave my dad a DVD player. He had come up from Boston the day before to visit dad and drop off the player. Dad opened it and told me to return it as it was a much too expensive gift! I told him no, we had a plan. We left the dining room to go to his room. My son had the DVD player hooked up and ready to go. I had spent Christmas morning copying a bunch of my dad’s old photos (we have slides out the wazoo!) to a CD. It was wonderful! We sat in his room looking at photos from the 50’s and 60’s and dad thoroughly enjoyed the hour. We left to have our Christmas dinner at home and I felt that we’d made the day special for dad.

All in all – a nice Christmas! I don’t have a brain tumor, my kids were here for a few days, my diabetes wasn’t an issue and my dad continues to be content.

My dad’s favorite photos are any with my mom. This one is a way oldie, I’m on the right.

7 thoughts on “Nibbling & Old Photos

  1. Colleen,Sounds like you had a very nice Christmas. Going to the nursing home & visiting with the other residents had to be a blessing for them – especially for those who didn’t have visitors. I’m sure you made their day. And what a nice gift for your Dad. This is something he can enjoy over and over again. I love the picture you shared. We used to pose for those kinds of photos when I was a little girl, too – all dressed in our best outfits. How cute!I’m glad you had a nice Christmas and the diabetes behaved.

  2. So poignant when our parents shift from one holiday to the next. But, last year my M was in the ICU over Christmas with major lung problems, and ths year whe was able to come to my sister’s here in Minneapolis. Not the same woman, but still my mother.A couple of years ago when we got her a DVD player we were surprised to discover that her tv was so old there was no place to plug the player in to! Ha. Then we had to get a new tv too.We have 18″ of snow on the ground (with lots of ice under it). Oh the joys of winter.Happy New Year, Colleen – may wonderful adventures await you.

  3. What a blessed day you had and what a cute little girl you were and still are! I need to take my old photos and have them put on a CD and let y’all see what a dorky little girl I was. LOL

  4. What a great gift for Dad, and such a thoughtful way to spend the day. I’m glad you’re getting a little reprieve from the snow. You must get tired of shoveling, or do you have a blower?

  5. ColleenI’m glad you had such a good Christmas. Old family photos are such fun to look back at.I hope you have a blessed and peaceful 2008!

  6. what a lovely post.i had a bagel the other day, too-and it WAS worth it, but i ended up dipping low later for an over-bolus.I am glad you enjoyed your kids and had a good holiday, even sans dad. He is content, and that is great.Happy 2008!

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